The Murena 2 releases have started

The Murena 2 devices are now being sent out to users. Those who had pre-ordered the devices should be able to receive it starting today.

  • The Murena 2 is available for purchase through the Murena store
  • Set the country as per your preference to find details of availability

We look forward to the comments and feedback of our Murena 2 users.



To your comments for those who received the Murena 2 please



I’ve just received my murena 2. Just a question: when a screen protection will be released? And a protective shell?


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Can you give us feedback on the Murena 2? Software, performance, screen? Are there any software or hardware bugs?


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Checking with the team. Will update.

I just received my murena two !
You can expect some feedback here soon :blush:

A kickstarter mail mentioned a “Murena 2 protective case” in the list of included items.
But there was no protective case in the box, is it supposed to be delivered later ?

I ordered a custom screen protection on (155x70mm / 8mm round corners, I hope it will fit !)

Yes the protective case delivered later , I received the murena2 yesterday, however I cannot get the wifi calls to work,

I would also like to know if there is a more efficient camera application

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My Murena 2 arrived today and I’ve just started to set it up.

As a privacy first phone, with privacy first software, my default setting for the camera and microphone switch would obviously be to have them disabled all the time and only enable them when needed. Therefore the red warning light should be on when I am allowing the camera and microphone access, so the red light warns me my privacy is at risk. I do not want the red warning light on all the time and only off when the camera and mic are being used.

It is the wrong way round, can I change this with a software update or is this a hardware fixed light switch?

Also, the torch doesn’t work when the camera and mic are disabled with the switch.

I like the overall design of the phone but having tried it for a while it is very underpowered, quite a juddery and not very smooth experience, even with all animations turned off in developer options it’s still a slow phone. The speaker isn’t very good and the constant red led which stays on even when I turn the phone off, is not good. I’ll check back with it now and then to see if anything improves with software updates but I don’t think I’ll be using it over the OnePlus Nord or Galaxy S9 I have with e/os.

It’s a shame as the hardware switch is a great idea, it’s just poorly executed on a very low-end device.

I receive my murena2 today :slight_smile:

  1. Poor unpacking experience compared to fairphone. But it is ok.
  2. No phone case like it was mentionned in the indigigogo description
  3. It seems that the screen cutout is artificially created with black pixels instead of taking advantage of the total available screen space. developer options > drawing > show surface updates
  4. I haven’t found a way to migrate my data and applications from my samsung s9.

more to come …

Thank you

If anyone have a fix for vowifi please
i try some option
my phone information

phone received december 29th.

Unfortunately, a bad experience.

  • the main camera lens has a defect and does not “focus” correctly. When an object is targeted (automatically or manually), focusing is difficult and once stabilized, the image is blurred. This problem doesn’t exist with other lenses (wide-angle and macro).

  • the screen appears to be of poor quality. I don’t know if this is specific to my model or not, but the contrast is not uniform across the entire screen. Slightly darker marks appear when the brightness is lowered. This is all the more noticeable on a white background (but exists all the time).

I’ve already contacted support about the camera problem. I’ve received an initial response, which doesn’t solve the problem (clean the lens and restore the phone…).

As far as the software is concerned, no problem, it still works just as well (I’ve used /e/ on 6 or 7 phones) but I haven’t used the phone intensively, as I risk having to send it back (or so I hope!).

Best regards


For issues with the Murena two, please raise issues on Gitlab if not already done. If facing an issue with Gitlab ID pl check this guide.

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Thanks and what about the performances and fluidity? It’s smooth or fluid enough? There is bugs?


I have exactly the main problem with Camera & the main lens, it’s just unusable. :slightly_frowning_face:

Here is the reply for #2. “No phone case like it was mentionned in the indigigogo description” from Murena Customer Support

Thank you for reaching out to us,
Your Murena 2 comes with a protective case. Unfortunately, we were not able to produce the protective case on time, so we decided to send the phones without a case.
We will send you a case in a separate package, once they are produced, which may take some time. You should get a tracking number once your case is sent.

Murena Customer Support

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Yes, great: I have the same wish to make the warning light configurable.

Thanks for the feedback, glad I’m not the only one!

Have you contacted customer service?