The possibility of getting the E/OS to the Cosmo Communicator


The cosmo communicator is an open device with creativity in mind. I just the unit and I was wondering if ‘E’ would be interested in getting the cosmo communicator the E/OS.

I became acquainted with e/OS with my FAIRPHONE3 and I really appreciate the software. Just have the privacy in hand leaps beyond my expectation.

But it would be nice to see it on the Cosmo.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Is it running Android ? If yes, which version is it running ?

Planetcom’s wed site seems dedicated to selling products rather than providing information. However it does say the communictor can multiboot into Android, Sailfish, Debian Linux or Kali Linux. It appears to run Android 8 but the site is so confusing it is difficult to be sure.


It is Android 9 and for Linux side the kernel is here.
Cosmo Linux Kernel

Me I think it is doable, it allows the Android to be rooted without any issues. It is multiple boots very well, but Sailfish is not yet available except for the Gemini device which was the previous device.

Here is the LineageOS 14.1 that was developed for the Gemini which was the previous version.
LineageOS 14.1 - Geminipda


It looks like a cool device. Have you been using one? If yes, how would you rate it?

I just got it because they had 40% off the price, I think it has good potentials.

It is running Android 9

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you can try using a GSI, but really not sure if that will work

I have looked at this, but no. The day will come, for now KDE Plasma is being maintain on several phones including this one.

But my interest is the privacy aspect and the security updates. It turns out that Planet Computers has to modifies android to suit their preference, updates including security fixes must by created by the OEM.
Planet Computers doesn’t even use the stock android updater, they use some 3rd party app. And it has not seen a security since April 2020.

I’ve also got one of these cool physical QWERTY keyboard smart phones running a horribly un-patched Android 9 and dual-boots Gemian. A Debian aarch64 fork with the KDE Plasma desktop environment and an oldoldstable apt-repo that says HTTP-403 forbidden … :cry:

Some related links:

They are also in heavy struggles, or rather failed, to deliver the Astro Slide 5G Transformer upgraded version. Yep, I took part in funding that :unamused:

They are also apparently failing in delivering the PlanetPC XR Mini Desktop PC. Nope, I did not take part in funding that one :relieved:

Apparently they have a stand at the Edge Computing Expo tomorrow and Friday, so they are still kinda alive.

They still have a store with some products in stock, but …

I would love to see /e/OS on a unit with physical QWERTY, but it is most likely not gonna be on a device from Planet Computers.