The problem of banking apps

Noone can say in general if the banking app will work. Aurora is a client for Goolag play store. You will get all apps which you will get with original goolag playstore.
But as you can see in my HowTo for installing banking apps, a lot of Banking apps won’t work with eOS or any other custom rom without original goolag services.
So where you download the app makes no difference. BUT I never would download a banking app from other sources than origin. So Auroa is the best choice

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An underappreciated thought.

While just not using certain Apps is of course no real technical solution for people who want or need to use them, questioning oneself about the sense and importance of a use case might lead to the one or other liberation from a constraint in device usage.

Long story short: Custom ROMs like /e/ are way more fun if you don’t need to get your banking to run (… Yo :wink: ) .

I see the power of not using bank app on the phone, problem: some banks use phone authentication to access web version :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


As an option, yes … but without any alternative way?
That would make me switch banks.

But most app will also accept to use external TAN generator for this

That’s exactly what I did :+1:

Yes, that’s an option too, though very tedious, as for each transaction you have to type in a series of numbers on a separate device. But it’s true that there are work-arounds. Once you are used to the convenience of smartphone banking, it’s quite hard to go back to previous technologies.

The other concern I had was with LastPass, which gave me a warning when I first started it up on /e/ (downloaded from Aurora again), saying that my phone was rooted and therefore possibly not safe.

To get back to the point about building trust in /e/ for regular users, as someone mentioned in the Telegram community chat, it seems the only truly safe option for these more sensitive apps right now is the FairPhone3 with /e/ with bootloader locked.

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This error message you will also get on a fp3 with eOS and locked bootloader, because it has nothing to do with root. It’s because of missing goolag services.

You have to decide for your own, want privacy, than some spying apps won’t work.

EDIT: by the way, on my eOS pie I don’t get this error message. I have yust installed lastpass, created a account and everything works.
And do you know it has trackers as hell?

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Hi @Carlier , please try this! I have already for all banks in the Netherlands :slight_smile: If everyone on this forum does it, it will 100% result in change!

Hi Rik,
Thanks for the link. Have you had any luck with this?

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some interesting conversations with banks :slight_smile:
they said this was completely new to them, a non-Google Android and a non-Google app store, they had never heard of it before, and if they received more messages from others like me, that then it would get picked up internally

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Dutch banks seem to be very open-minded. I am more than a little sceptical about their French counterparts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The Belgian bank app I use seems to work work on /e/ (download from Aurora).

true, but ideally what we’d like to get banks to do is like some apps do to make their banking apps available for download on their websites. This is equally secure, and would bypass the Google/Apple duopoly.

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Indeed, lots of trackers.
Is it possible to block these trackers?


I don’t know if it’s possible but I don’t expect too much.

For example, French Banque Populaire doesn’t allow anymore (since a recent update) to log from PC + up-to-date Firefox if uBlock origin is enabled, sending a “Technical error” without explanation…

And Boursorama’s ‘Kador’ app doesn’t work with Android One but my son waits for an update since 2020 January.

Banks don’t care too much about customers needs…

For curiousity, I tried to get the Commerzbank app on /e/ and F-Droid. As expected: nothing found because they are closely linked to oogle and pple.

But: I’m lucky that I can access their online banking website via mobile phone again.

This is how I use it from home and - until some months ago - from Blackberry. With the browser of BB10 OS (sadly not maintained anymore), i was gradually disconnected from websites which are important for me … (see my introduction)

Commerzbank from f-droid? ?
I think that was an type error, right?
Apps fron f-droid should always work

You could read it like @csi searched for the Commerzbank App in F-Droid and found nothing.
Which would not be surprising, of course.

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