Thinking about putting e on my Pixel 4a

I recently switched my Pixel 4a from using GrapheneOS back to stock Android. However, I’m finding the experience to be less than ideal. Upon seeing that a beta version of e/OS exists for the Pixel 4a, I’m considering giving it a try. Has anyone tried it out yet? And if so, what was your experience like?

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Haven’t used /e/ (Android R) on a Pixel 4a but currently running the R-beta on a different device. It still has a few hick-ups (beta), but is running stable and can be easily used as a daily driver - in my opinion of course.

Since you’re the lucky owner of a pixel it would be kind of a waste to install /e/ instead of CalyxOS. If you found GrapheneOS experience a bit too restrictive for your taste then CalyxOS will probably be perfect for you.

Unlike /e/, CalxyOS is serious about security and also has microG. Unlike the sketchy /e/ app store, CalxyOS seamlessly integrates F-Droid and Aurora Store. Also, it receives quicker and seamless security updates. Note that it has an easy installer. I also found overall user experience on CalyxOS to be better than on /e/ but it is personal.

/e/ is a good option for non pixel smartphones. /e/ developpers shouldn’t bother to support recent pixels since a superior OS like CalyxOS supports those. They have already enough to focus on.

I’ve not tried it on a Pixel 4, but I’ve been using /e/ on a few Sony devices since May 2020, and I find it works pretty well for me.

I use F-Droid and Aurora store rather than /e/'s Apps for installation and maintenance of apps.

I use Lawnchair launcher as I don’t like Bliss. If I wanted an iOS-like UI I would buy an iPhone :slight_smile:

And I use K-9 Mail instead of /e/'s forked Mail.

I suggest you give it a try. If you don’t like it, you can always install a different custom ROM.

Have fun!

I’m running /e/ on my Fairphone 3+ since v.13 and never had any major issues. I like their flexibility, their focus on UX with Bliss, that it is hosted in the EU and their dedication to privacy. I recommend to give it a try as I am a happy user :v:

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