Today, I can not open online documents (onlyoffice)


Today, I just open firefox, go to the cloud
And when I clic on a file, it directly dowload it.
I can not open it through openoffice editor.
I have no more the button +new file > word, excel, etc.

I’m sharing a folder and my mates face the same issue.
Have you got the same problem?
Is there a hotfix schedule, maintenance today?


since this afternoon the cloud services are really really slow (any app I tried took about 5minutes to open) onlyoffice is only working with fresh documents.
If you want to open an existing doc you ll get a download prompt…

Pls fix, thanks in advance!:kissing_heart:

HI @Cameleopard @wild are you facing issues with the cloud even now? I just checked and was able to open documents on the murena cloud without issues.

I have the same issue. When I click a document in Files, it simply downloads it. When it should open it in a new window with OnlyOffice.

Yes, still going right now

for me it’s still going on - It takes like 3min to load the “files” app… and if I click any document the link says:

IIRC the link contained “onlyoffice” before this issue… today the download “save as” prompt isnt showing up directly… the loading takes ages (5min +)

running this browser:

Version 123.0.6312.86 (Official Build, ungoogled-chromium) (64-bit)

at the moment it looks like it’s slower then yesterday

//edit/// now the file app runs much faster but the onlyoffice link seems broken still

Sharing the feedback with the team to check. Will update.

Update: This issue should be resolved now.


Was really slow a few minutes ago, but now seems fine. Links open now in OnlyOffice too.

UPDATE: back to being very slow. Just loading Files is taking 1+ minute.

UPDATE2: This morning it seems to be working at it’s usual speed again. All looks good.

Hi, it works for me now. Thanks
Files open in onlyoffice

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