Tower connectivity abnd possible upgrade

Hi everyone I have two Galaxy S9’s both running /e. Love it! Here is my request for advice: The tower connectivity in a new location is poor in my area and T-Mobile knows it. Along with "Security advantages would getting a newer model phone and more recent version of /e help in getting a bit better connectivity? or is this 4g 5 g 3g LTE+ SCENARIO independent of what OS and phone I use? instead of waiting 15 seconds for the phone to even get a connection to dial.

Cheers, Luka

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have you read some of the US/CAN VoLTE threads for Samsungs? if call setup takes long, I guess it’s dropping to 2g. If you don’t do workarounds (your own VoIP over LTE) then you’d need to have a phone with working VoLTE within customroms… see those reports: [LIST] Features list for devices

You can check the 4g vs 2g assumption at - if 4g coverage is ~okay, no need to wait so long.

thank you I have a European Samsung Galaxy 9 Exynos, its sitting at LTE+ PRESENTLY AND SOMETIMES SHOWS H+, T-Mobile right now cannot even provide basic reliable connection on a daily basis, so 5G 4G can be replaced by any other number letter combination and it will still be a con, garbage. I never heard of Murena and then when I visited /E site after a few months away I see some company. I’ll order a S9+ and test it in the US and Canada but I need it to work in Germany also. I’m sure it will. I have been

as far as I’m aware, the Samsungs cannot do VoLTE on non-stock no matter the mobile network currently and into the forseeable future. If you rely on normal calls and not just the data link (I think you do) - there are better options, search the volte Tag in this forum or “lineage and volte” in the web - most devices post 2019/2020 can do volte on non-stuck - but the Samsungs

Lineage? I’m confused why am I looking for Lineage OS This site could be far better organized. it was for a second. Also Murena says it doesnt ship to US where I am now, when I select the country. /E used to ship phones to US then this switch to Murena and it says it doesn’t ship anything to US. e-commerce Dumpster-fire.

I had no problem selecting the offered teracube2e or murena-one at their webshop with US as country selection - but shipping late september it seems. Well the gist is, don’t get Samsungs

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Thanks! OK so Murena is now the shop and /E is the factory, so no more phones sold on /e site correct? only stable pre built/ refurbished or new can be got from Murena?

Your s9 will work in germany with a europeen SIM