TrackerControl — a way to neutralize in-app trackers

OK I just tested TC and it ist strange only two APS has tracker. F droid and sonos.
All other do not have any trackers.

I know this is not true there are much more apps on my phone with trackers.

If I run classy shark it shows me more trackers.

So either is TC wrong or miss configured.

No. Wrong. TC is showing the trackers as soon as they where/are active. Use your device and refresh TC screen und you will see more and more trackers blocked.
Don’t forget to activate ‘showing system apps’ otherwise you can’t see trackers in default apps like email and browser

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What happened with TC? I can visit Google. I can visit Wikipedia. I can Open links from twitter app via browser. Nothing seems to be blocked anymore despite being active.

It’s activated, not any other VPN is running, no private DNS is set up ?

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Yep, yep and yep. Also tried deactiving and starting anew.

What do you suggest as a tracker controler apk??

TrackerControl from f-droid

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So how about developing / using an apk like TrackerControl who controls outgoing data from phone instead of making an OS like /e/ ?
Just out of curiosity

because you can’t block any system ‘calls’ with such things. For example all other custom roms are making all the time a connectivity check to goolag. So goolag will always know where your are :frowning: This call is deep in sources coded and goes not over the VPN of tracker blocker.


Good explanation. Thanks

Perhaps a silly question …
Shall TrackerControl be installed in both the main profile and under Shelter (used for Whatsapp)?

Thank you in advance

yes, because TC in main profile doesn’t ‘see’ the apps from shelter

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Ok, clear. Thank you harvey186

TC sounds really interesting. I am unsure if it is preferable to to use VPN or TC, though.
One thing was discussed above but is still not clear for me is: If you disable the TC-VPN but leave the switches for the apps on “blocked”, TC will not work, correct? It needs its VPN to be running?

Correct. Without his own vpn TC can’t work.

And with Tor you have no tracker blocker.

Thanks @harvey186 for clearing this up.
Still, hard to decide what to use. You are prefering TC over a VPN?

Won’t work. Android allows only one vpn running.

Yes, I got that. What I meant is:
Should you use the one VPN “slot” for a standard VPN like mullvad oder whatever or should you use it for TC?

I’m using only TrackerControl.

When I’m at home I’m using my router which included a openVPN and TC

Blokada somehow offers a build in VPN, which is a nice idea. Do you know if TC has something like that on their agenda?
It think blokada has some downsides, from what I see, the host lists might not be completely reliable (or maybe I would have to activate more) and there is no possibility to control individual trackers of individual apps.