Trackers in apps like Spotify, does what?

Hi folks.

Question: When looking at Spotify in the Apps (store?) on /e/, it shows a whole list of the big bad wolfs.

Google DoubleClick
Google CrashLytics
Google Firebase Analytics
Facebook Analytics
Facebook Login
Facebook Share
Google Ads

Do these trackers only track the usage of the app and what we do inside the app? Or are they able to track other aspect of phone usage?

In a nutshell I am asking because if the only thing they track is what music i listen to, or whatever i do inside the app, that would be (relatively) ok. But if they at the same time know where i am, who i talk and message with, what i had for dinner, can listen to the mic and watch my camera it would not be ok. Do you see what im asking?


The trackers are collection ‘ALL’ data from your device.
For example:
What phone
User data from ALL apps
Browser history
and much more.

If you want know details, ask the web for each tracker

At my understanding they will have acess to everything the app has acess. If the app can see your contact list, the tracker can see it too.

Just in case, here’s a set of applications that help more or less eliminate these guys and own data-mining features of some apps:
Shelter (or non-FOSS Island)
AppOppsX (or XPrivacyLua for advanced users)
TrackerControll (or AdAway with fine blocklists)

Not really, because the tracker of the apps inside shelter are collecting all personal data from work profile.