Transfer /e/OS apps and data to new phone

I am getting a new phone (FP 4) and wonder how I can transfer existing /e/OS apps and data to the new phone as I understand that Seedvault is not yet available ( which in any event perhaps only transfers apps?). Thanks for any guidance.

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The only thing I could find is this support page for migrating to e OS. It also applies to your case.
I am not sure that seed vault backup is tranfderable from one phone to another ? never tried. Though you can try in addition to what is said in the support page.

Don’t forget to make a copy of the shared folder of the phone by plugging the phone to a computer with USB. Seedvault is supposed to do that if configured accordingly though in do not trust it fully.
Use a USB stick to save your seedvault backup, do not use the internal storage as it will probably not save everything that it should.
Copy the 12 words acting as a password of the seedvault backup somwhere. When restoring, you will have to go the the telephone app, yes, and type ##RESTORE## = *#*#7378673#*#*

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Seedvault is actually there in /e/, but quite neglected for long and increasingly hidden. You can transfer some settings too, but if you do not change cpu architecture (old phones pre 2017) the apps apk can be transfered. I wrote a thread in 2021 on it but it is sad to revisit.

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Thank you. I will investigate!

You might think about using root debugging in developer options and


Excuse the bump but I’m upgrading soon from an FP3 to a Murena FP5, and so was looking at any easy way to migrate apps and settings to the new phone. I know how to transfer some things piecemeal, but haven’t found solutions for everything e.g. for wifi networks.

Obviously google provide an easy way to do this on stock android is you are prepared to pass all your data through them and Samsung have Smartswitch, but are there any vendor-neutral solutions?

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