Troubles with updating to /e/OS V0.18

On the 19th of August I received the message that /e/OS V0.18 was out! Since that day I have tried quite often to update via systemupdates, but without success. When I try to update I get this screen:

It seems that something has gone wrong with the update to OS 0.15. Maybe I updated it after updating to OS 0.16. Can somebody help me?

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Hi @Hansie , you don’t want that update; it’s older than the version you have now (0.17q) on the device.

It looks like you have just paused the download. Is that right? If that is the case it might be best to allow the download to complete and find out how to delete it. Or just ignore it.

What device by the way? Ah, Fairphone 2 I see in your profile!

Yet another edit: I think a few fairphone users have been having trouble with v0.18q when it is installed anyway. v0.19 should be along fairly soon. Might be better.

Thanks chrisrg! I now have a Fairphone 3+. I did not dare to install /e/ on my Fairphone 2. I don´t think I paused the download of 0.15 (that happened quite some time ago). By the way, download V0.18 does not even appear on my screen.

  • Can or should I remove that not completed download? If so, how?
  • Should I wait for 0.19 and can I install 0.19 without having installed 0.18?

There are plenty of Fairphoners on the forum who can help better than I, but until they come along I would say just leave your update as it is.

I’m guessing your FP3+ is purchased from /e/? If yes, then your OS would be the stable version which I believe lags behind the more common dev versions by a few weeks when it comes to updates.

The initial 0.18 update has been pulled from the stable channel. In the meantime, the 0.18 update has been fixed and the fixed 0.18 update has already been made available in the dev(eloper) channel and should show up in the stable channel probably any other day. I would not skip it.

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While it may not be advisable to skip updates for bugfixing and security reasons, technically you can skip updates. /e/ updates are complete, not differential.


@urs_lesse I defer to Fairphonr user knowledge and have removed my comment from my post. Thanks

Actually I just checked and compared and :slight_smile:

P.S.: Before we never explain it, here’s why the 0.18 update was pulled and needed a fix:

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