Trying to set up e-cloud with NextCloud

Hi - not quite sure what I’m doing wrong here. I have downloaded NextCloud on my phone (Samsung S9) but when I go to Log In and enter my webDAV address from the browser, I get the error message ‘wrong user name or password’. At this stage there is no option to enter a user name or a password, just the server address. I’ve entered and checked it several times for accuracy but I just keep getting the same error message. According to the NextCloud user manual there should be a place to enter user name and password but I don’t have that. There is an option to scan a qr code but I don’t see how that could work. Or should I be using the ‘sign up with provider’ option? Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks

If you follow this, where does it fail?


Many thanks for your help! I was putting in the full webDAV address instead of just ‘’. It’s all connected now. Apologies for being such a dunce!


I can add the setup also fully works on computers, at least on mine with Linux, the Nextcloud app is perfectly operational, resulting in a local folder being automatically shared with my /e/ server :slight_smile: