Turning off notifications on calendar app

hi all,
so i have a strange question:p can anyone tell me how to turn off the notifications on the calendar app…? i use a 2nd calendar app that i like better, but now i continuously get 2 notifications. For some reason i cannot find the setting to turn it off. I have looked in the calendar app settings and i have tried the little gears icon in the notification bar (but there it says notifications for this app cannot be turned off)

Settings/apps/ – calender app ---- Notifications.There you can also disable to calender app complete

it is not possible for me to disable the notifications here; the option to disable is greyed out. THis is different on your phone?

which version are you using nougat or oreo or pie ?

EDIT: Just seen, on nougat there is no way. :frowning:

But if you know a little about TWRP, you can delete the app via TWRP file manager


hm haha that seems too difficult for me… also, it seems this should be a possibility. I’ll raise a bug/feature request.

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In standard etar you can disable

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