Unable to log in to Evo app from BCAA

For the past 3 weeks I have been unable to log into the Evo car sharing app from BCAA (British Columbia Automobile Association), distributed through the App Lounge. I have been able to use my email and password to log into the Evo web site, so I know they are correct; but I have not been able to use the same credentials to log in using the app, which is required to reserve a car and use it. So, I have not been able to use the Evo service.

I did call BCAA about this issue, and they were unable to help.

To be clear, I have set the Advanced Privacy settings so that the Evo app can access my location, and I have the blocking of trackers turned off for this app. Still, when I enter my VALID credentials (confirmed through the Evo web site multiple times), I immediately get the error message “Oops, We don’t recognize this email address or password, please try again”

Has anyone else had this issue? And, is there a workaround or fix

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are you able to attach a cable from a pc/laptop and run adb logcat while you provoke the login error on the phone? it will be fast scrolling so mark a line before you initiate the login button to see the affected lines

the log lines will not help you directly, but attribute it to the missing API

I am Having the same issue with the same app.
I would like to get some help on this, can you enplane me how to run

and get the right string of info?


docs are at [HOWTO] Get a log from your phone

if you have a bit of experience reading android logs it helps, it’s not straightforward. You’ll need to interact and see what loglines are spewed and spot the exception.

Haven’t found yet an entry at microg for “com.vulog.android.carsharing.vancouver” appid.

As the original poster wrote the difficulty was at the login, there were recaptcha improvements in microg lately not yet shipped witih /e/ 1.7 that will come with 1.8.

I will try to get the logs.
I have been having the same issue, i try to log into the app and the system does not recognise my id and pw (but if i try through the browser it does) I will try tonight to get the logs and I will post the result here.
Thanks again

Update from OP. I updated my device to /e/OS 1.10, and the Evo app was still not working. However after deleting and re-installing it, I was able to log in and book a car just fine. Not sure why, but there you are.