Unable to synchronize files between FP3 and eCloud

Sorry for my approximative english
I created an eCloud account and store some pictures in.
On my FP3+ I declare in “Parameters → Account” my e account. In the account synchronization for Pictures and Videos is enabled.
But I cannot see the pictures on my smartpohone.
What am I missing ?
Thanks in advance for your help

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Try to :

  • connect your device to WiFi
  • plug it to a charger
  • reboot it
  • let is settle for at least 1/2 hour

Many thanks smu44, it works like you said. I am a bit surprise but so it is and now my pictures are on the cloud and on my phone.
Thakns again

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Happy to read it worked :smile_cat:

For your information, eDrive is currently being reworked : Week 12, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates