Unknown Upload from my phone

My phone fills up my complete upload queue to the internet via DSL (16d:1u mbit/s).

How can I find out, what it does and which app is doing this?

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in the settings you can graph traffic use by app

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OK. it’s the /e/Drive … Can I reduce its upload speed?

there was a eDrive bug a few versions ago constantly reuploading - I think the linked thread was affected by this. Are you on the latest /e/ version where this bug should not factor into the upload behaviour?

You could only sync on wifi connection, and then disable wifi to keep your upstream link free? the nextcloud android client doesn’t have a throttling option either. Another workaround would be scheduling upload times, but not available yet - https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues/9071

Android 13 will introduce link throttling - https://www.esper.io/blog/android-13-network-throttling-setting

Yes, freshly downloaded with those nasty GPS problems through the new microG… :imp:

I am now using Wireguard to mitigate this problem, when I see it coming. This “fixes” it for a while.

some routers can traffic shape a MAC in its network… I guess with wireguard you mean → the setup VPN isn’t used by eDrive?

eDrive is configured to use VPN, too. It looks like it does not recognize Wireguard as a VPN or does noto use the option. :wink:

looked at the code review links in the esper.io post - INGRESS_RATE_LIMIT_BYTES_PER_SECOND does what you’d want. /e/ Android T will come soon.