Unlocking Xiaomi Bootloader

Hi /e/ community!
I’m wondering if anyone knows how to unlock Xiaomi bootloaders on non Android One phones (the one I’m working with is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro) without waiting 360 hours.
Anyone have a suggestion? I don’t want to wait the time, or connect a computer (mine is ubuntu linux, but I still don’t want to need to use it) or need to link an account!
Anyone could tell me how to unlock it with some code I’ve not found yet?

neber tried this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbwVsYQajC0

Seems I read somewhere that the waiting period is established intentionally to make life harder for resellers who sell devices with modified software.

Unfortunately, it is for the Mi A1, an Android One series phone.

There is third-party TOOL for UNIX systems, that might be better in terms of privacy (or not?). Check it.


I followed the process on Mi4i and it worked fine (but i later found out that model is not supported on /e/). The waiting period to unlock is no longer required. It unlocked straight away. Ps. I needed to find an older version of the Mi unlock tool for it to work for me.


@e.follower thank you very much for this link, but it does not bypass the 360 hours waiting period.
However, it is Ubuntu compatible… Thanks!!

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Isn’t the unlock process driven remotly by Xiaomi ? If it is, unlocking may have to emulate the servers …

unfortunately Xiaomi changed their unlocking practice and this alternative tools do not work anymore! (see: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software-hacking/tool-miunlocktool-unlock-bootloader-t3782444/page15)

that’s a very unpleasant situation, because some older Xiaomi phones like the MI 8 are rather cheap to get and from a technical point of view very attractive, but this unlocking obstacles simply make them a no go in practice.

the only interesting models for a simple installation of /e/ are the three androidOne products: Mi A1/A2/A3

the A1 (tissot) is in the meanwhile utterly outdated and usually not anymore available in any shop (…and beyond any comprehension, there is still not officially pie support in /e/ for it :frowning: ). even the A2 is successive getting out of business. it’s only the very similar A3 model, which is easy and cheap to get, but it isn’t supported by /e/.

that’s one of the reasons, why i’m more and more thinking about leaving /e/ again…
its development progress is simply much to slow to be seen as sufficient alternative real world mobile os distribution.

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Oh shi… I’m planning to buy a new Xiaomi soon, and now it looks like there’s an exciting adventure waiting for me.

However, by the link you provided, there is one fresh and positive feedback on this tool workability. In addition, on its website, some comments describe successful cases of using the virtual machine with Win10 and the official Xiaomi unlock tool. If anyone decides to test this, please write about your experience here.

What about using official Xiaomi unlock, and be patient ? :wink:

I unlocked my chiron (Mi Mix 2) last summer this way, just had to wait and everything went fine.
As I installed /e/ just after unlocking, I don’t see any privacy problem …


this option isn’t available, if you only use linux machines.

but it’s also utterly unacceptable for those of us, which do not want to share very important privat data (phone number + e_mail addr) with any device manufacturer. in this sense it’s strictly incompatible with the main principles and goals of /e/.

I didn’t put any SIM in my phone before installing /e/, and used /e/ email address.
Ok, Xiaomi will have my IMEI, but do they really care ? I don’t :yum:

they will get an interesting bundle of location, network-connection, e_mail and perhaps real name, etc.

sure, it’s just stupid person related data, nothing valuable in itself, but it’s exactly the kind of information, which /e/ wants to protect. if you don’t see any benefit in this kind of privacy related rigorousness, there is hardly any reason, why you should install /e/ at all on your phone.

sometimes you have to dance with he devil :wink:

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Ok, thank you @smu44 @mash @harvey186 @e.follower for your suggestions!
I think I’ll use the TOOL that @e.follower recommended, and just wait out the time period, like the official method.

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Good choice. I know the 720 h will be a hard, very hard time :weary::wink:

I suggest using one of the services that provide temporary telephone numbers for online registrations. Some of them is totally free.

I would like to get more confirmations from other Xiaomi users that unlocking without SIM installed is really possible.

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Two stories of two suffering and bullied Xiamoi users.

720 hours of waiting: My odyssey to the custom ROM on the Xiaomi Mi 8

Tip: do not set up a new device completely before!

Try translate with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

well – even the user feedback on this linked page reports in the last unlock related entry 2 month ago:

I’ve selected unlock bootloader, and an error ocurred:
“Failed to unlock your device, Xiaomi server returned error 20035:
Error description: Thid tool is outdated, if you want to unlock your device then go to unlock.update.miui.com to download the latest version of MiUnlock.”


i would be really surprised, if anybody can falsify this reports by actual sucess.