I wanted to try /e/, but unfortunately my phone is a LG G4 (h815 officially unlocked), and /e/ only exist for G2, G3 and G5.
On LineageOS I see that my phone was supported untill LOS14 (nougat), so decided to try to BUILD a ROM from myself following the instructions in /e/ website.

I’ve installed Ubuntu 19.04 on my pc and followed the instructions to build with the docker method.
The only issue i’ve found is that docker doesn’t install on Ubuntu 19.04, but find this link where I find the solution: [https://medium.com/@Grigorkh/how-to-install-docker-on-ubuntu-19-04-7ccfeda5935](http://How to Install Docker on Ubuntu 19.04)

The docker method is really easy and it does funcion in an excelent way.
( [HOWTO] An unofficial / e / ROM built with Docker – in pictures )

The ROM runs on my phone without bugs, really fast and fluid.

Now I’d like to go further and build for oreo and pie, although expect a more complex work becouse can’t use the Docker method (official LOS 15 and 16 doesn’t exist for LG G4).

This thread is mean to encourage any user to build it’s own /e/ ROM with the Docker method and to report about this new adventure of building with the non Docker method.

This is an UNOFFICIAL build, as described here

I share this experimental build hoping that someone want enjoy it, but installation it’s at your own total risk and I can’t give you support…
The ROM is installed on my LG G4 (h815) and runs apparently without problems.

For install, you can follow the instructions reported on the wiki for the official LG G2 /e/ release changing what needed for the G4.

here is the Link


Hi @Panta great to hear that you were able to build the ROM for your own device. It sure is a great feeling when you see a build with your own PC details showing up and what is better it even works!!!

You should not trust 100% this information, there a lot of devices which have higher android sources and not listed on los wiki page, on github there is los 15.1 sources for h815 in los and muppets (los vendor blobs) repositories, so you should try put h815 in oreo branch script. Proof:

Yes, really! It’s something worth to try!

The Docker method is very simple… Incredibly simple.
It took 3 hours to finish the sync of the archives.
During that period, there’s nothing telling you that the process is working good… People doesn’t to be worry: a look at system monitor and you can see that your PC is downloading at 4,8 kB/sec. The disk monitor make you see that the directory /srv/e/cache is growing about 20Gb for hour…

But the best was when it start building: I’ve never seen before the 16 CPU of my And Razor 7 working at 100%!

At the end of the process you see that “building OK” on the terminal and it appear to be all so easy that think: sure something was wrong and I’ll waste a phone!!

But at this moment my curiosity was so high that I flashed the ROM: always worth a try…

The Docker method is amazing simple and for me, all worked perfectly. I"m so proud of my work that think it’s a pity not to share with people.

Also, I think that, I’ll continue to build my LG G4 ROM in the future, even if official /e/ support appears.

Also I’ll share my ROM with every person that like to test: on my phone /e/ is running as fast and clear that never before.

Previously I used the LOS image, but the security level now is too low because the ROM is no longer manteined: august 2017.

Now the report on my phone say: 5 July 2019

In the future, after learning “a bit” more on building ROM, hope to contribute to LOS too…

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That’s an interesting news!

For shure the next saturday I’ll try to build Oreo… And what about Pie? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for say that.
For me is a very good news! :):grin:

Well at least pie vendor blobs availiable https://github.com/TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_lge/tree/lineage-16.0/h815, for device tree and kernel you should search on github, when you learn more about building roms i think you will understand what to do.

You can try by changing the -e “BRANCH_NAME= OSName” \ parameter in the command
It can be v1-oreo or v1-pie
for e.g.
-e “BRANCH_NAME=v1-pie” \

Only for Pie to work your firm ware will have to be the latest. Try with Oreo first and see if it builds.

So tried build pie and oreo for this device with official docker image and it failed, so only nougat available, posted my build in this topic Unofficial /e/ Builds for Lineage Supported Phones

Have a look at /srv/e/logs during that period. You’ll find a file showing more details of all the downloads going on (you may use “tail -f” to follow the changes).

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thank you for that tool!

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I’m not a geek, but want to try to build /e/ for my LG G4 on Oreo and Pie.

The docker method doesn’t funcion because of the lack of support by LOS.

Do exist an alternative guide to build in a similar case?

This thread talk about a LOS Unofficial 16.0…

Source Code from

I’m not asking to someone to Build it for me.

I’d like to do it because this is for me an occasion for learn…
Obviously, I thank a lot everyone that can help me to understand.

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Tomorrow i’ll try this;

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This is an interesting system to build /e/ without docker.

The script seems to be not in line with the actual build because of the presence of Signal and Telegram that now are not more preinstalled.
Also the script at https://github.com/picomatic/builde is in the same situation
Hope @andrelam may update soon

Now I’ll try with this other guide (always by the courtesy of @andrelam :grin: )

Need help.

trying to build OREO, receive this error:

It seems to me that all is correct here

an help would be appreciated, Thanks

I updated the script, thx for notifying.

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Due to my lack of experience on building, I’ve found some difficulties with this method.

For now, I was capable to build succesfully for OREO, but when installing the resulting ROM, my phone hangs on LG boot image nad the blue led light.

I think that something is missing, and decided to restart from zero.

So now build NOUGAT with the docker method and then try to build the same image with ./builde method and compare the result.

Hope this can help me to better understand if I’m wrong and where.

Thanks to the community support, I’ve succesfully builded with docker method.:grin::grin:
Have got some problems due to the fact that the TheMuppets repo on GitLab is not syncing 'cause of the issue on xiaomi vendor files.:see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

e-0.7-n-20190827-UNOFFICIAL-h815 is running on my phone without problems.

Set the following parameter in your build command and the call to TheMuppets will not happen.

yes, done.

Fortunately I’ve stored an old backup with vendor files…

NOW is time to build NOUGAT with non-docker method

Nougat without docker for my LG G4 successfully builded and installed.
(Thanks to the Telegram Community support channel!!! :grin::grin:)

The ROM (0.7-n-20190830-UNOFFICIAL-h815) is running on my phone without problems: for now, all seems to be ok.

Now I’ll try to build Oreo.
LOS never put on their servers an Oreo version of the LG-G4 ROM, but the sources are still present on lineage-15.1 LOS tree and on TheMuppets repository, so I’m confident to successfully build.

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