[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] /e/ r Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (scorpion, z3tc, z3tcw)

Here are unofficial builds of e-1.11-r for this device

I have run the WiFi version and it seems to work as expected. I dirty flashed it over my unofficial Lineage for microG build (see https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-z3tc-lineageos-18-1-sgp621-unofficial.4256523/post-88466081), and all my installed apps continued to work under /e/OS :slight_smile:

I haven’t run the LTE version at all - you’re on your own :wink:

I described how I managed to install my Lineage for microG build on my z3tc wifi in this xda forum post. I’m pretty sure that steps 3 & 6 aren’t needed: installing with TWRP didn’t work. If you follow steps 7 - 9, you can install any ROM using PBRP.

To boot to recovery press the power key, and once it has vibrated, keep tapping the volume down key until the blue led lights up

I’d be interested to hear how these builds perform, but I can’t offer much support. I suggest subscribing to this XDA forum thread

Good luck

Amazing! I own the 621 (LTE) and WILL try, but not it’ll take a few weeks till I have the time. I have PBRP / A11 installed so I assume when I take a NANDroid I’ll be able to go back any time?

I guess so, but I can’t guarantee it

Thank you so much @petefoth, as you know I am a big fan of this device!
Just dirty flashed (wiped dalvic & cache) the build over the last LOS 4microG build from you and it seems to work just fine!

Some first observations:

  • custom color option was gone and just blue was available as in /e/
  • Trebuchet launcher stayed as the main, which is great for me! :slight_smile:
  • GPS works just fine, and always did on my devices (I got several of them in the family)

I wonder which of the builds you will maintain in the future?
Thank you once again,

@MaxO: do you use the 621 with LTE? Does everything work, like phone, internet etc.?

Yes, everything works fine so far! :ok_hand: