[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola Moto E 2015 LTE (surnia)

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Unlocked bootloader, flashed latest twrp and installed rom via sd card and it works like a champ! Now I have a fairly zippy lil Moto E surnia! I use tello.com and signed up for the 6$/mo plan. 100 min talk/unlimted SMS/500 gb LTE data/Unlimited 2G data. Sprint coverage is decent in my town and this phone is going a long way toward my digital detox.


Back on /e/ after I’d test a lot of ROMs (from xda) to compare… Will you build an /e/-pie (with last improvements from /e/) ? I can’t do by myself with my old little DELL…

Yes or not, thanks anyway.


Can we hope an /e/-surnia pie based ?

Thanks a lot.

Would be great.

There are already some (stable) Pie-based official roms out:

Hope that inspires !

From @petefoth

I’m very surprised that surnia received an OFFICIAL build of Lineage 17.1 (= Android 10):

[ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 weeklies [surnia]


Here’s a new unofficial, untested build containing the changes for v0.10-nougat. Use at your own risk

Thanks a lot, I will try it soon.

e.recovery inboard ?

I’m afraid I don’t know for sure. I just built with the v0.10-nougat source. There’s no mention of recovery in the release notes so I would guess not

No the eRecovery has not been added to the code as yet. Some issues remain and to be fixed. No ETA for now.

Thanks @petefoth and @Manoj.

Will share after install’ and tests, in a few days.

Woowwww : 600 MB ?

Édith: clean install yesterday from SD (6 times, to test SNCF app’s install), all work fine. But, help (?) in e.browser launch:



Another e-0.10-n-UNOFFICIAL-surnia, working with OpenLauncher and max ‘out of box’ config’:

The problem is, that there are no vendor sources available. In the XDA post only Lineage/device and kernel sources are show, not the needed vendor sources.

Sorry, this not my build, I had installed the e-0.10-n by @petefoth

Surprisingly, there’s an official LOS 17.1, as said above…

yeah, if someone will install the LOS17.1 build and run the extract-files.sh and will send m the sources, I could build eOS-Q for the device.
@petefoth could you do ??

I have to work, now, not any time to install LOS17.1 nightly now :confused:

Perhaps in a few days…
Édith asks : how do you run extract-files.sh (with adb, I think) ?

I’m afraid I can’t help with this. I’m currently on holiday away from my development machine. Also, my wife is now using this phone as her ‘daily driver’ (running Lineage4MicroG 16) and I won’t have access to the phone for flashing and developement.

enjoy the vacation and keep healthy

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Hello harvey186,

I just installed LOS17.1 nightly build and ran the extract-files.sh. Here’s a tarball of the files.