[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola Moto G7 (river)

Device info https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/river/
Rom https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=302890

Please Note: This is an Untested build. Please try at your own risk.

I have some great news. I installed this unofficial build on two River devices and we haven’t seen a single error. My only concern is the Android Security patch level is seven months old and the vendor security patch level is a year and a half old. If these were updated regularly, this would be a great OFFICIAL build. Thanks.

Welcome in the community :slight_smile:

Every LineageOS supported device (including river) will be updated this month. Wait for it :slight_smile:
Ps : when /e/ will be available on Android 10, your device will receive an unofficial build on Android 10.

Thanks. This is great news. Your team is so kind to put this together. I like the work that has been done.

In the mean time, here’s a build from the latest v0.9-pie tag https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=8889791610682883699
As always, this is untested: use at your own risk.


I installed the update you created for v0.9-pie. No problems found. :+1: Thanks for your time. Looking forward to the “official” files. :wink:

New to this and want to dump my iPhone. Will this build also support the G7 Plus? I’ve seen install tutorials for Lineage on that device, but the e integration with Nextcloud seems like it would make my transition easier. The G7 Plus is inexpensive and available new, which is a big plus for me. Thanks.

Almost certainly not. These builds are usually very device-specific. When I made this build, I also tried to make one for the G7 Plus (device name is ‘lake’) the build failed and I didn’t have time to explore why, or to try to fix the build. Sorry!

As the device is officially supported by Lineage, building an /e/ ROM should be straightforward. I won’t volunteer, as I currently don’t have any plans to make more unofficial builds any time soon. Sorry!

Thanks for getting back to me, that helps clear things up. Lineage has build instructions, I’m going to look around on this site and see what’s involved. Might be a fun project.

The chipset in the Moto G7 is different than the chipset in the Moto G7 Plus. The good news is the G7 and the G7 Plus have unofficial builds ready to download. According to this /e/ topic, the plus is not likely going to be built officially.

[SPOILER ALERT] If you want to do your own research, then stop reading now :slight_smile:

The official way to build is using Docker

This post describes how to do it on your own Ubuntu machine

This thread describes how to use Docker on a cloud compute instance, and how to get free credit from Vultr and from Google

The key variables are the BRANCH_NAME and DEVICE_LIST parameters in the call to docker build...
I think the values fro your device should be

-e “DEVICE_LIST=lake” \
-e "BRANCH_NAME=v0.10-pie" \

The real fun comes if the build fails and you have to try to work out why. People here are usually very helpful. Have fun!

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Great stuff, especially on building in the cloud. My computers are as old as dirt!. Takes about 8 hours to build the Linux kernel. Currently researching if a de-googled phone is still really de-googled. I “heard” that some of the location surveillance is done by code embedded in the hardware. So I guess the best I can hope for is better, rather than perfect when it comes to privacy. Thanks again!