[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola Moto Z2 Force (nash)

It booted. Not sure yet of the proper process. Sideloaded the zip via twrp, as that was the process I got farthest with last time. After sideload, stuck splash again. Rebooted to recovery…which automagically switched from twrp to lineage recovery. Did not wipe anything, just sideloaded zip again through lineage recovery. Was weird, some errors showed up about not finding system partition. Couldn’t get a pic in time, and the recovery is very limited.

Regardless, after the second sideload it booted. Data, WiFi, call, text, chop-chop flashlight, wiggle-wiggle camera, moto mod incipio battery, basically everything seems to work so far except syncing google contacts. So I have no contacts yet. Haven’t tried Bluetooth yet. Its…different?

Maybe this can help [HOWTO] Sync your contacts, calendar events, email, notes and tasks to /e/ and bluetooth address not availiable when it turned off.

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Tried a bunch of things. Seems like account syncing on device doesn’t work. When trying to add other Google accounts (3 available), it tries to verify the new device. The instructions given don’t technically work as this is os missing the way to get the verification code according to the web page procedure.

Regardless, you have to sign in to Google via browser. Then export contacts in iOS vcard format, the other two formats aren’t seen…well, greyed out/unclickable when trying to import via the e-contacts apk.

It will import the iOS format, and all my contacts now show.

Still playing around.

I think if you can compile the nash recovery separate from the rest of the os, flash/boot to that initially instead of twrp, then sideload the whole package like normal, it’ll likely boot first try. Not sure if the posted nash-LOS recovery is the same as the one compiled in your package?

Latest twrp is prefered https://twrp.me/motorola/motorolamotog7.html , LineageOS recovery has limited functionality and it is not compiling during docker method, I never use adb sideload, I copying zip file dicertly to sd card/internal storage and then flash it using twrp.

Moto z2 Force unlocked bootloader, booted then flashed the latest twrp and installed via sd card zips. Works like a champ! Been using it as a daily driver for over a week. Only complaint is battery life, seems pretty aggressive, I am waiting to see if the kernel learns my battery habit to improve battery life.

Greetings, is there any plan to give official support to this device …?