[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola One XT1941-4 "deen" for e/OS 1.17 q


I want to share my recent unofficial build of e/OS 1.17 q for Motorola One “deen” (see [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola One xt1941-4 (deen) e/OS 0.22 q). Find the img-files zipped at:


Install instructions in a nutshell:

  1. device needs to be unlocked. Refer to Motorola/Lenovo support pages and/or e/OS install instructions for e.g. Motorola “chef” for more information
  2. unzip the file downloaded from Google drive (yeah, Google, but somehow androidfilehost.com is failing on me all the time when trying to upload…)
  3. reboot to bootloader (vol down + power)
  4. connect your phone to your PC (make sure that usb connection will work beforehand)
  5. use fastboot to flash the img files
fastboot -w
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash vendor vendor.img
fastboot reboot

A rather detailed description on how the build was made can still be found at:

Main difference to the earlier build was my rather capable new desktop box which reduces compile time from 7 hours (Surface Book 1) to less than one…

As always: Use the img-files at your own risk, it is a test build signed with public keys - and don’t assume that my instructions are complete or correct all the way.

Ah, and one thing I would really like to know: I am still searching for a way to create an OTA-like zip file, or any other way to update the device with a new e/OS version without loosing all settings ad installed apps every time. Any hints are appreciated! (Background: I tried “make dist” and “make otapackage”, but either way the build system fails to create an dtb kernel, probably due to some misconfiguration. However, kernel is correctly built when using “m” … )

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The correct way to create an OTA file seems to be

m dist

after the regular build.

The problem, however, seemed to be that in this case /vendor/lineage/build/tools/kernel.mk comes into effect, trying to produce a dtbo.img (which appears to be unneccessary for this device, since obviously boot.img is working fine when having dtb’s appended to the kernel?). And this attempt fails im my case. So I had to rename said kernel.mk, and after that the OTA file was created as expected.

I will try to install tomorrow…

Hm, the OTA file was installed and e/OS booting ok , but after some minutes (and after disconnecting USB…?) e/OS shuts down, never to recover (only blank screen after reboot). Not so good…

Here is the file nonetheless (maybe I just had a problem with that single device, or made something wrong while installing…):