[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Oreo Motorola MotoG 4 Plus [athene] Upate 24th June

Updated 23rd June

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Thanks for keeping alive.the Lenovo Motorola G4 Plus(XT1642)

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I offer my kind thanks, as well. Much appreciated. :+1: Looking forward to the Pie release. :sunglasses:

Hi @BubbaRedd Looking on XDA Developers there seem to be problems with athene pie builds and most seem to have been abandoned. But I will have a look sometime.

Huge thanks for your work.

Hi @vernr

XDA Background: I had started using the [ROM][9.0][OFFICIAL][XT16xx] OmniROM for Moto G4/Plus [Athene] (Pie) in the early part of 2019, worked great with regular OTA update delta patches (Used off and on as a daily driver.). Toward the last few months of 2019, OmniROM (9.0 Pie), started to have trouble seeing/loading my microSD card. Doing a wipe and a clean flash of OmniROM fixed this. To be fair the official build of e OS for athene is slow to recognize the microSD card on bootup. OmniROM has trimmed the line of phones they officially support, but [golden-guy] the original contributor for athene, has thankfully continued to release unofficial updates as of May 2020 ASB Update.

A Pie ROM for athene [9.0][ARM] Havoc-OS 2.9 was released November 2019. It ran great and was beautiful. Sadly so far that has been the only release (No more security updates, time to move on.).

As of June 2020, 2 more Pie ROMs for Moto G4 athene ( crDroid & SuperiorOS) have been released on XDA. Plus when you go to the download location for these 2 ROMs on sourceforge, there are other June 2020 releases for the Pie version of athene (ArrowOS, AICP, AncientOS, Cosmic-OS, Pixel-Experience, Bootleggers and LineageOS 16.0).

Seems to be getting more lively for athene.

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THanks @BubbaRedd I will have another look when I get time. I am keen to get /e/ Pie on my MotoG4 but I don’t think it will be officially supported. I will try to find a working manifest and try @harvey186’s script.

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Hi dear boy… what’s new? is there a possibility that the kernel has much lower frequencies? would it be possible for the ROM to be in ARM64? and you need Logcat to improve ROM performance? there are people on telegram who are working hard to keep Athene alive

Update July 20th

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Thanks a lot for the update.
One thing I wonder is, it looks like the /e/ roms don’t have the latest vendor files for Athene. In the system settings it appears they are from december 2018 while you can find those that are from november 2019 on Github. I have no idea whether it would be easy to make builds with the newer ones.

Update 26th July with July Android Security Patch

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Athene Oreo Update 11th August

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Thanks a lot for the 0.10 update

Athene Oreo update 25th August with August Android security patch

Latest builds moved to this link