[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Oreo Motorola MotoG 4 Plus [athene] Updated June 3rd

Use at your own risk. I have this installed and using on my phone on daily basis. Oreo build for Moto G4 Plus as /e/ dev is still nougat build. will try to provide updates.
Download ROM Here

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Very nice! Hi From Argentina!

No worries. Hi from New Zealand

I have been using it for several days and it works wonders, I have not had any restart or shutdown, will you still make more modifications?

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I will update it as needed but I just use the /e/ source code unaltered. With security updates as needed. I have tried to build pie but it is not supported by Lineage so no luck yet. But will keep trying.

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The truth is that the ROM is very beautiful, it would be very good in Android 9, even so your work is very good, it would be nice to add some more customization functions but well, this is how it works well so that things are complicated, I will be attentive and I will install all the ROMs you upload

To be classed as an unofficial build the ROM has to be built from pure /e/ source code otherwise its a custom build. Mine will be unofficial builds

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I will keep an eye on the updates you make, and it can be put into operation on Android 9

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Hello how are you doing? Is there anything new?

Hi @HernanP
Yes download it from here

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