[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for OnePlus 3/3t - "oneplus3"

BETA! Use at your own risk. See warnings/information/hints from cheeseburger (Oneplus 5) thread:

Comes with weekly ota updates.


EDIT: 13th April 2020 - OTA discontinued due to lack of demand

EDIT 2nd June 2020. Infrequent manual builds are uploaded to my ota server for oneplus3 in a joint venture with a third party (Anghirrim)


HI @Sakujakira. Thanks for testing the ROM. Wanted to check on this line here

Does this mean you removed the Pie build and then flashed another ROM and encrypted.
Or you encrypted on top of the Pi/e/ build.
Reason why I am asking is I wanted to know how the build behaved with encryption.

Thanks @Sakujakira for the details. That is interesting to know. Since some devices have had issues after encryption.

Ouch, I was wondering why the oneplus 3 didn’t have OTA anymore :grinning:

Anyway, thank you Thilo for having maintained this unofficial ROM. Will wait the official one, which should arrive soon.

Oh my, this explains everything!
@thilo any chance you could leave the latest build available for download? I’d need that to restore my phone…

@thilo never mind, I built it on my own.

If anyone’s interested, I’m sharing the build here.
It comes with absolutely no warranty and no OTAs (at least at the moment).

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Is /e/ working o.k on this phone? No camera issues? would you recommend this phone as /e/ device?

I’m using it as my daily-driver since a few months and I can say it’s stable and enjoyable.
Consider that I’ve been using the unofficial Pie build since the beginning, so I cannot tell you how does the official build run on this phone.
Concerning the camera, OpenCamera seems to have some difficulties in shooting HDR photos, otherwise it works fine. It doesn’t support slow-motion and other “special effects”. To be honest, I’m using a custom build of the GCam application (I now, shame on me!), so I’m no expert about the default camera app.
In the latest build (my first) I encountered a strange issue with the timer application, which looks like is missing a translation.

Everything else is working really good, I have no reasons to discourage the use of /e/ on this device.

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That’s something you best report to gitlab.e.foundation to get it fixed

EDIT 2nd June 2020. Infrequent manual builds are uploaded to my ota server for oneplus3 in a joint venture with a third party (Anghirrim)

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I’m building it weekly, if you’re interested. The last two builds are always available on my eCloud space.

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@Franzmari and @Thilo, Thank you very much for your efforts. I really appreciate it! Have a nice weekend.

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