[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - *"mido"*

I checked with some of the team members and they were mentioning to try this through Magisk hide. Guess that will need you to root your phone. Do not use BHIM nor have I Magisk so that is the limit of my info on this.

Thanks for help,

Logic is that it was working very well on Lineage os 16.1 so I think it should be working on /e/ too.

I have a group concerning privacy and security. I influence their choices in Digital domain. So if these all the very imp needs are satisfied then entire group can use the os (/e/).

So it would be very helpful to expand the OS in indian market.
And i have also post the isssue in GitLab.

Thanks for help again.

That logic will not work here. /e/ is not a copy paste of LOS source code. There are a lot of changes which have been made to de-google the OS. If it were a copy paste we could have implemented Q the day LOS 17.1 came out.
So what works on LOS will not exactly work on /e/ . Most payment apps require the google infra to work. This causes problems on /e/. Users can always try PWA where they are available or use their PC for their bank related activities.

Yes you are right. Sorry
But if /e/ get the ability, more people may use it.


I m also trying Paytm and will let you know.

Why dont i become a tester ? is it possible ?


If this ability will be implemented in eOS, it’s LineageOS. The implementation will break the scope of eOS. Sorry, I know that’s bad. But sometimes you have to decide what you want: Privacy or all app working

First Thank you,
My search of privacy and security has brought me here up to /e/. But after all our smartphones are not just to talk. And finance is a crucial part of digital life. So it is must in our age.
You are absolutely right but my case is practical thing.
is not there any way?
there might be millions of people like me.
Privacy without functionality ???
I don’t want any apk for amusement or Games or just for killing time. Finance apks are as useful as weather apks.

You people are masters of the platform. Really no possibilities ?
Then without functionality, is there any use of privacy ??? I doubt about it.

no, sorry. If you can, use web interface.

Hi Guys,

Just to inform BHIM seems to be working well on my mido phone.

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mine stops at mobile number verification.

It works through Paytm though…

Can someone suggest what went wrong with my mido??

I downloaded the app from below link, maybe you could try that.

oh. oh, are you really sure, no one has touched the apk and no backdoor or keylogger was implemented ??
I would never download such critical app from an different source as original

Just for the info… on the latest mido build (20200607) VoIP calling are not working. On my home Asterisk test server, i cannot create/receive VoIP calls on this build. On the prior build VoIP was working OK.

I will start a new build after the weekend, maybe it will fix it :slight_smile:

That was fast!

Yes harvey you are right.

is this link from safe source ??

Hi harvey186 and Zeno,

That website is usually safe for the latest apks of any app listed on play store.
Anyways, to be extra cautious I uninstalled the app from my phone.
I used an apk extractor to get the latest apk of that app directly from a google play store (from another google phone). Got this apk into my ungoogled eOS mido phone. It installed and works well without any issues. Did not face any issues.

thx for update, but … hiw do you ensure, that the apk is untouched ??

why don’t use Aurora fom f-droid. With Aurora you can be sure that you will get the original apk from goolag playstore.

Yeah, that apk extractor is a very reliable and safe app. I wish the apps on play store were listed with their checksum values for users to be very sure.
But, again in the interest of science, I have uninstalled the app.
I have downloaded Aurora and installed the app from Aurora store.
Installation went smoothly, the app runs without any issues on my phone.