[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - *"mido"*

You can check the apk. Pls see here post from Gael

Hello everyone.

I’m a newbie here on the forum. I plan to install e os on my 4x redmi note (mido). I don’t know if this is the most suitable place for me to ask this question. Forgive me if it’s inappropriate. I’m Brazilian and I’m using google translate.

Disregarding the question regarding stability, does the official ROM (based on nougat) have any advantages or disadvantages in relation to this unofficial build? For example, in terms of security and privacy. I would prefer a rom based on the android pie, however, security and privacy are my priorities. Are there any expectations / predictions for the pie-based ROM to become official later this year? Thanks.

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There is no big difference. The global sources are the same as on official builds, Only the device / vendor sources are different. The unofficial mido is used by a lot of people which are using the device as a daily driver.


To add to this my unofficial pie doesnt has OTA updates, only manual…, also the pie-based rom is in testing phase :slight_smile:

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Will the pie-based rom being tested be yours? Is there any estimate of when an official pie-based ROM will be made available? Thanks.

It will be build on the e infrastructure and probably with the same or similar sources as the one i made. I don t know any ETA.

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Hi, first of all many thanks to @Chimpthepimp , i update mido from 07 to 09, cache and dalvik wiped. Some issue:

  • today i’ve found my /e/ syncron. tasks empty, only task name: entering, every task are empty (maybe /e/ issue? because yesterday were ok…).
  • an app previously working in 07 not working in 09 (missing G Play serv.: maybe change MicroG or its config). I use web version but isn’t smatphone-optimized…
  • The Amazfit Stratos watch synchronizes the data even if the Amazfit app says “watch disconnected”, never happened in 07 to 07 updates (maybe re-pairing the Stratos to the Mido again can solve this). Instead the Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones works well, as in 07.

Thank you

you know that Mi is using your data ?? I’m using watch droid. with it you don’t need a MI account

Hi, thank u. I didn’t know it (watch droid). I’m not interested in the smart side but in sports activity data. Regarding the management of sports data, there’s nothing written on the G store and not even on the Lumatic website. Do you use it with the Stratos? Does Watchdroid manage sports data?

I saw that I have 2 task apps: the version installed from /e/07 still works, the one installed from /e/09, reads the list of /e/ synchronized tasks but not the content (incompatible format). I can export from task 07 to 09 but I can only import locally, I cannot import in the /e/ synchronized section under my /e/ account

this is file manager displyed name

Has someone tested the low mic gain level on Pie?
I’m having issues with very low mic gain level on Nougat/Android 7. Also having the mic at the top of the device instead of at the bottom does not work.

hi, my mido’s microphone has always worked correctly, both with the /e/ official (nougat version) and unofficial (pie 07 and 09). I’m sorry…

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