[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) (j3xnlte) - e-0.21-n

Nougat can be called a vintage build?

the Spreadtrum SC9830A kind - tested on a J320FN. There’s also a msm8916 variant, but this isn’t for it. I haven’t built yet for SM-J320F/G/M (j3xlte).

Build from the v1-nougat branch with lineage/cm-14.1, the last version this device saw a release for on XDA. Apart from the proprietary files one needs two fixes on a patch script in the vendor and the kernel if someone retries.

see roomservice.xml for nougat

Basic functionality is there, but of course no VoLTE.

download: e-0.21-n-20221123-UNOFFICIAL-j3xnlte.zip via transfer.sh, lasts ~ 2022-11-30 +7 days
md5sum: 70ed8d4694be30143a3c0cb5764ec46f

had problems uploading with Androidfilehost so I put it here: this will last from a few days to a week max. Can reupload anytime someone pulls the device out of a drawer or until AFH works again.

Install: boot into twrp 3.1.1 or flash it to the recovery, then use the sideload method.

I’ll try to improve a little bit on it and update the thread - at least on the Webview and possibly microG. It’s just for fun though, no one should rely on a Nougat build.

Bugs: there’s a little quirk with Mail activity surfacing 2 times in the launcher. A bug in the Apps manifest. Can be removed via sqlite query on bliss’ database.


Hey, can you re-upload please? Transfer.sh says “Not Found”. I have a SM-J320FN and I’ve been looking and this is the only /e/OS Port, and I would really like to have /e/OS on my Phone.

@tcecyk https://transfer.sh/RvbW7f/e-0.21-n-20221123-UNOFFICIAL-j3xnlte.zip

Says “Not Found”.

new link: e-0.21-n-20221123-UNOFFICIAL-j3xnlte.zip | by tcecyk for Galaxy J3 2016
md5sum still: 70ed8d4694be30143a3c0cb5764ec46f

don’t forget that it has lots of aged software - use a newly installed browser.

@Hector_GH12 - If you find this usable I can make a build that updates the system webview to current bromite.


Thanks, I’ll test it out now.

The Samsung J Series Line up is a very niche one, as hardly no one knows that Samsung even made that Line up, it’s nice to know somebody that has the same phone.

Are all the built-in /e/ Apps working and up-to-date?

you’re reading past all the text - nothing is up to date, this was built from the last branches of nougat.

I tried to do a v1.6 nougat build that would update the Apps, but I had crashes with multiple apps (AppLounge, Calendar, Bliss, AdvancedPrivacy missing) so let that one go.

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I mean the /e/ Cloud apps. Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc.

I mean just if they work, I have /e/OS on a Galaxy S4, and the Mail app crashes all the time.

I didn’t hit a hard bug/crash on basic functions and the davx sync will work - but you’ll run outdated forks.

Ok, thanks for awnsering.

At least, Nougat is newer than Android 5.1.1

Built-In Browser works fine, all other apps as well.

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Thanks for the Rom.
Is an upgrade being considered?

upgrade to anything other than nougat? no, not feasible.

Rebuilds of nougat itself could bring in system ASB patches as people still maintain them, I haven’t bothered yet.

What would you wish for?

Everything is said in the answer, thank you for this good work!

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He bro thank you so much , we waited very long time for a build for J320FN !!!

Hi… I am also an user of Galaxy J3 2016… since I bought one in 2017, I think… to replace my Lumia 532.
Last weekend, I launched the Youtube app and the app says to switch to youtube.com and that device is no longer supported. Crazy move from Google to start dumping devices out of service when they are still capable.
I myself tried some roms available from cof xda in 2018 but I gave up using them when the device got firmware locked… (I presume that google did it when I instaleld the services)… and I had to revert everything with Odin back to android 5.1.1.
Anyways, today I google search roms for j320fn and this forum appeared. I saw 2022… and I started reading. Good someone brought nougat back.
So I wonder… Is there updates to this /e/OS ROM?
I am looking for a debloated ROM… no mail, no play store, no microsoft software, etc…
One thing I am still facing (my j3 2016 still runs the exact same software that Odin flashed ages ago) is the constant lack of eMMC space. I had to desactivate almost everything… maps, gmail, word, excel, powerpoint, onedrive, cellphone mobile compony apps, google photos… and after that Whatsapp, firefox, and few more apps consume lots of space.
I don’t need s.planner, and other apps…
Just a clean ROM with phone app, messages app, and a few more apps… and most important… a dark theme for settings/notifications… And obviously the default apps partition to be reduced so I can have at least 6GB free of eMMC storage.

try the last Lineage build? it’s very small. The repo owner that my (bugged) build was based on (djeman) recently commented and had new wares - https://xdaforums.com/t/rom-lineageos-14-1-for-samsung-galaxy-j3-2016-sm-j320fn-f-g-m-unofficial.3667015/page-143#post-89018527