[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) (j3xnlte) - e-0.21-n

Nougat can be called a vintage build?

the Spreadtrum SC9830A kind - tested on a J320FN. There’s also a msm8916 variant, but this isn’t for it. I haven’t built yet for SM-J320F/G/M (j3xlte).

Build from the v1-nougat branch with lineage/cm-14.1, the last version this device saw a release for on XDA. Apart from the proprietary files one needs two fixes on a patch script in the vendor and the kernel if someone retries.

see roomservice.xml for nougat

Basic functionality is there, but of course no VoLTE.

download: e-0.21-n-20221123-UNOFFICIAL-j3xnlte.zip via transfer.sh, lasts ~ 2022-11-30 +7 days
md5sum: 70ed8d4694be30143a3c0cb5764ec46f

had problems uploading with Androidfilehost so I put it here: this will last from a few days to a week max. Can reupload anytime someone pulls the device out of a drawer or until AFH works again.

Install: boot into twrp 3.1.1 or flash it to the recovery, then use the sideload method.

I’ll try to improve a little bit on it and update the thread - at least on the Webview and possibly microG. It’s just for fun though, no one should rely on a Nougat build.

Bugs: there’s a little quirk with Mail activity surfacing 2 times in the launcher. A bug in the Apps manifest. Can be removed via sqlite query on bliss’ database.


Hey, can you re-upload please? Transfer.sh says “Not Found”. I have a SM-J320FN and I’ve been looking and this is the only /e/OS Port, and I would really like to have /e/OS on my Phone.

@tcecyk https://transfer.sh/RvbW7f/e-0.21-n-20221123-UNOFFICIAL-j3xnlte.zip

Says “Not Found”.

new link: e-0.21-n-20221123-UNOFFICIAL-j3xnlte.zip | by tcecyk for Galaxy J3 2016
md5sum still: 70ed8d4694be30143a3c0cb5764ec46f

don’t forget that it has lots of aged software - use a newly installed browser.

@Hector_GH12 - If you find this usable I can make a build that updates the system webview to current bromite.

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Thanks, I’ll test it out now.

The Samsung J Series Line up is a very niche one, as hardly no one knows that Samsung even made that Line up, it’s nice to know somebody that has the same phone.

Are all the built-in /e/ Apps working and up-to-date?

you’re reading past all the text - nothing is up to date, this was built from the last branches of nougat.

I tried to do a v1.6 nougat build that would update the Apps, but I had crashes with multiple apps (AppLounge, Calendar, Bliss, AdvancedPrivacy missing) so let that one go.

I mean the /e/ Cloud apps. Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc.

I mean just if they work, I have /e/OS on a Galaxy S4, and the Mail app crashes all the time.

I didn’t hit a hard bug/crash on basic functions and the davx sync will work - but you’ll run outdated forks.

Ok, thanks for awnsering.

At least, Nougat is newer than Android 5.1.1

Built-In Browser works fine, all other apps as well.

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