[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 (j5nlte) /e/OS Q

I tried itsclarence’s Q build (cf. https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=10763459528675559823 ), but apparently I can’t phone. The connection will be started, but neither I can’t hear the other person nor the other person hears me. In preferences, under apps, when looking at dialer app, it states that the dialer app has never asked for its permission to use the microphone.

Missed I something to easily enable phone? Or should I go back to Pie?

Regards, P.

If you are sure its because of the rom, than yes go back to the Pie-version.
I’ll try and build a new one soon…

Regards …

I also tried an unofficial /e/ OS ‘Q’ ROM from @itsclarence. The connections are made on both sides. I can hear the other side and so can the person I am talking to.

I look before and after the phone calls and my dialer app still shows “Never accessed”. I didn’t set anything special, just installed and tried it. And it works very well.

The only thing I know is chronological correlation: after flashing it doesn’t work anymore.
But I’m just a dumb user. It was my first major revision change (meaning going from Pie to Q). I’ve done “reset dalvik cache” in addition to updating, just like on any minor revision change (meaning the about monthly updates, retaining the name Pie). I don’t know what happens if I reset all adjustments, like doing a clean install.

Should one do a clean install when migrating vom Pie to Q?

Ciao, P.

According to your linked posting, you ain’t using a J5, are you?

The ‘internal’ differences (code) between AOSP 9-Pie and AOSP 10 ‘Q’ are enormous. Therefore a ‘Clean install’ is preferable to all other upgrade types.

Correct, but a ‘Q’ ROM, which operates on the same code base.

Ok. In the meantime, I did a clean install. Nevertheless, phoning does not work. I can’t hear other person, other person can’t hear me. Clicking “hold the line” let play an according automated annoucement at the other person’s phone (presumably generated by the provider). Clicking “hold the line” at the other person’s mobile gives no change in the silence I’m hearing.

In order to circumvent problems of the included SMS app one can install the same (but unforked) SMS app (ref. there). Analogously, I found the app “Telefon” by Google, but installing it doesn’t seem to work. (After downloading with the Apps-app, there appears “Installing” – but did not disappear for about half an hour).

Is installing another phone app a suitable way?
Are there any suggestions?

I would now try another (of several published) customROM to narrow down the source of the error and to definitely find out if the described bug occurs exclusively in the build e-0.12-q-202010-UNOFFICIAL-j5nlte.

Hm. Maybe I don’t know how to find the “several published” custom roms.
I used to go to https://e.foundation/ (as found in Wikipedia’s article about /e/)
then I click on:

  • Get started
  • device list
  • Unofficial builds (while ignoring official Oreo versions)
  • Samsung
    Then I searched for “j5nlte” and found on Pie version and one Q version

The Q version doesn’t work as described above, while the Pie version works, as well as e-0.11-p…, e-0.10-p…, e-0.06-p… in the past few months.

Are there any other places that I missed yet?

Ciao – Pemu

You could try on XDA and see if there is any difference.

Beside that, I made a new up-to-date Pie-build.

Thanks for the 0.13-p.

I think I don’t want to use the Lineage image. If I can make some tests, whose results may help others, I’ll try it.
Btw.: How to make a complete image of my particular mobile, including all apps and preferences? I want to easily put the mobile to the same state as before trying another image, like the above mentioned or the 0.13-q

Regards, P.

Reboot to TWRP and choose the backup feature, select all.
It takes about 2 or 4 minutes.

Thanks for the hint, despite being OT.

I tested the new Pie 0.13 mentioned above – it also makes my phone mute in both directions, on incoming as well as on outgoing calls. Same problem as on Q, causing this thread.

This is sad, especially as it made the FM receiver working, finally.

I continued thread under Mute phone under 0.14 q on Samsung Galaxy J5NLTE