[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Wi-Fi (2016) (gts210vewifi)

Device info https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/gts210vewifi
Rom https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=300833

Please Note: This is an Untested build. Please try at your own risk.

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I have installed TWRP on my gts210vewifi, and after updating the bootloader to T813XXS2BSG1_T813OXA2BSA1 using this link on xda, I was able to install Lineage OS 16 with microG and Magisk.

gts201vewifi is still a supported build on Lineage OS, while this /e/ build is not. I would rather stick with the officially-supported build, but I don’t mind trying out this /e/ build if there is a need and the risk is low. So my questions:

  1. Has anyone tried this build yet on gts210vewifi?
  2. What is (reasonably) the worst that could happen if I tried it at this point? Is there any scenario where if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be able to recover my Lineage OS installation with TWRP?

By the way, I’m loving the Lineage plus MicroG installation – it’s very clean. Pie seems to run just fine on the older (2016) Tab S2. That install can be found here, by the way:
I would still like to try the /e/ build, but was hoping someone could chime in on the risks. I understand that /e/ wants to focus on phones, but it would be nice to have officially-supported tablet builds too.

So I went and bought a Galaxy Tab S2 model SM-T813 the other day. Happy to report that /e/ builds cleanly 9.0 Pie for this device. I installed the image and have been playing with it all day, and I’m quite happy with it. Will definitely be sticking with /e/ on this tablet.

No glaring bugs that I noticed. The home screen icons are all a bit small for the tablet sized display, I wish there was a way to resize the icons to something larger. Also some of the default apps are not really appropriate for a tablet like this, but it doesn’t cause any problem. For example, there is no GPS on this tablet, so the Maps app isn’t too useful. Text Message app also not useful on this device. That’s about it, smallish icons and inappropriate tablet apps are really the biggest issue I could find, certainly not a blocker for using /e/ on this great little tablet.

FWIW I did not have to perform any bootloader/firmware update as @ecs mentioned. I simply followed the installation steps outlined here, using heimdall and adb. I did however install all outstanding updates on the stock Samsung Android OS before installing /e/, so perhaps that performed the firmware update for me?

Here’s a link to download my unofficial build. This is /e/ 9.0 Pie, and includes the March 2020 security patches.

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Thanks! Glad to know it works!

Two observations after running /e/ on this tablet for a while. I’d categorize these as relatively minor issues:

  1. The automatic backlight control always seems to be just a little too bright, so I find myself manually adjusting it down. In a pitch black room at night, with no light sources, it only dials the backlight down to 25%, it doesn’t go lower for some reason, so I manually drag the slider to lower it.

  2. Vertical swipe works perfectly, as when scrolling down a web page. Horizontal swipe on the other hand is not sensitive enough. On my iPad, I’m able to hold the tablet with one hand, and using my thumb, give a quick horizontal flick left or right, as when flipping through a picture gallery. On this S2, I cannot do that, I have to hold the tablet with one hand, and with the other hand, swipe almost the entire horizontal width of the screen to get the swipe to register.

Have you already tried the Nova Launcher 6.2.9 (free version)?

Users of the free version can also adjust the size of the icons. The difference in icon size compared to the Bliss Launcher can be significant.


No I haven’t tried any alternative launchers yet. The scalable icons looks like a compelling feature, I’ll check it out. Thanks @archje for the idea.

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New Galaxy Tab S2 unofficial build available for download. Changes from the previous build include /e/ 0.8 and April 2020 Android security patch level.


I have installed the build on my tablet. It runs really well. You did a great job. Thank you! :smiley:

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Wi-Fi (2016) “gts210vewifi” SM-T813 still has a future, as there are official LOS 16.0 ROMs available since April 2020.

When next (?) week your June 2020 update is available, I’ill be able to install it on the SM-T813. I’m already curious how /e/ OS -0.9-p- looks and works on a 9.7 inch tablet ;o))

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I like the tablet too. It runs very well with /e/, faster than Lineage 16!

Look: Pretty bad because of the broken non-adjustable launcher, only four small icons per line.

Therefore I will also try other launchers, e.g. the NovaLauncher and Total Launcher (via eApps).

I dont want to install a closed source launcher in my OSS Android.

I like the iOS look already, it should only be slightly adjustable, or adjust itself based on the screen size.

Yes, I also like the eBlissLauncher. But if the icons on a 9.7 inch screen are too small for your own eyes, you need an age niveau. /e/ should improve this, because laptop (Olimex, Pinebook) screens are supported as well.

I just flashed my tablet with the v9 /e/ image, following the instructions from the March 10th post, it all went perfectly. Really happy with how /e/ is running on the tablet so far, no complaints at all. Thanks to everyone involved for getting it working!

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Is everything working fine? Mic, Camera, Screen Rotation, Battery Management, etc.?

Bear in mind it’s only been a couple of days, so I haven’t really stress tested it. It feels almost exactly the same as /e/ on my Galaxy S7 phone, warts and all as it were.

The microphone works fine, the camera’s fine. The screen rotation needs a bit of love I think. When on the unlock screen the device likes to stay in portrait mode, and some of the apps don’t seem to be paying attention when you rotate the device, but for me that’s not a deal breaker. We’ve also had it hooked up to a MIDI keyboard, which also worked perfectly.

I haven’t really noticed the battery life yet. It’s not the newest device so the battery might not be in tip top shape anyway.

Some people find the icons too small, but for me (and my family) it’s not been an issue.

For a tablet that is used primarily at home for educating my small people, I’m really pleased with how it’s worked out.


Works fine for me. I haven’t found anything that doesn’t work. But I only use it to look something up on the internet at home, look at pictures and movies. GPS works too.

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It will be very nice if there will be an update. :slight_smile: