[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung S20+ (y2s) Exynos e1.1 R

hi all,

this is an unofficial e1.1 R build for the Samsung S20+/s20_plus.
I am running this on my device (since this morning; upgraded from my unofficial e0.23 build) and everything appears to be working fine.

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I a release for S20 G5 also available? Do you know if Android 12 is supported?
I have now LineageOS 19.1 on my S20, but want to switch to eOS as soon as available

no android 12 planned for eOS yet.

not sure if this would work on S20, i think the device tree is common but can’t confirm, since i have only tested on my device (s20+)

I currently use this LineageOS version


I would compile e OS myself it this would be possible for this device

if you’re ok to switch to eOs with android 11, I can attempt to build it for you, since I have most of the sources downloaded, just need to reference the x1s (s20) device tree instead of y2s (s20+)

I would be ok with that but not sure if that really works since LineageOS 19.1 is Android 12 based?

Ah…i just recalled our discussion from last year. You’re stuck because you cant downgrade your phone from the new firmware

Damn, thats what I suspected