[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact (lilac) e-1.3-q Post #212

Hi Taurus

I’m glad the builds are working for you :slight_smile:

At the moment I’m afraid you will need to manually flash new builds using TWRP as they appear, which is usually shortly after the official /e/ builds appear. The good news is that ‘dirty flashing’ seems to work: install a new build using TWRP without wiping data, and - with luck - when you reboot, all your apps and data should be as they were.

However, I pretty much always do a TWRP backup of the data partition before I install a new build. If the build doesn’t want to play after a dirty flash, then I

  • format the data partition (in TWRP, Wipe | Format data),
  • do a clean install
  • wipe Dalvik and cache
  • reboot the new installation and go through the setup wizard ,making sure to set any screen protection (pattern, PIN) to exactly what it was on your old build (so that TWRP can decrypt your backups)
  • In TWRP restore the backed up data partition

That pretty much always gives me a working phone with installed apps and data all present and correct, though app permissions sometimes get removed, and have to be granted again.

I plan to look into providing OTA updates for my builds, which would simplify the installation of updates. But it’s not trivial to do and it may not ever happen, so please don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

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Great! Thanks, Pete. That works for me. Bookmarking this page for future reference.
P.S. Is there a place to donate money to support your work?

No thank you. I do this for fun, in my spare time when I’m not playing golf. I don’t want or need payment :slight_smile:
If you really want to express your appreciation with money, then please donate something to a charity local to you, or donate to /e/, or pay /e/ for an upgraded account with more storage.


Thanks for the new build. Everything seems to work.
I still have my issue with the network connection, I just need to put it on 3G before turning off the phone otherwise when I turn on my phone again I have no connection.
And sometimes the connection is lost with no reason so I have to put it on 3G and reboot the phone.
But everything else is working fine for me.
Thanks a lot


I’m having the same problem, but once I have the LTE connection again it remains stable, as far as I can tell. I can work around it for now.

@petefoth, not to stray too far off-topic, but have you ever made a build for the XZ1 dual SIM? I’ve got one of those in addition to my XZ1 Compact.

I haven’t but I could give it a go if there is a LineageOS 17.1 (unofficial or official) available for it. Do you know of such a thing?

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I don’t, but I can look around. If I find something, I’ll start a different thread. Thanks, Pete!

@Xyguma, apologies for accidentally replying to your comment above.

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After one month with /e/ on my XZ1c I’m happy to report that I couldn’t be happier with it. After I set it up with my preferred launcher, apps, and F-Droid, everything works great, with the exception of the LTE/3G toggle issue described above. (I’m content to work around that.)

And I have detected no tracker activity going on behind the scenes. :slight_smile:

Edit: I should add that I’m not using /e/cloud.

Here’s a new build based on the v0.18.1-q tag. It’s untested. As always, use at your own risk

[EDIT] Link to broken file removed

No release notes appear to be available at the moment for this tag, but
The release notes for the v0-18-q tag are here

The list of fixed defects can be found here:

The functionality to enable Exposure Notifications in MicroG still does not work. If you want / need to enable this, then please install this .apk file /e/

Hey, Pete. Is this one capable of a “dirty” upgrade?

It should be - it’s Android 10/Q same a the previous e0.17 build

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I’ve discovered a problem with this build: when trying to play audio through a connected BT device. The audio does not get routed to the connected BT device, but plays through the phone loudspeaker. The ‘Settings | Sounds’ page shows that the audio is being played though the BT device even though it is not.

I’m trying to work out why this is happening, and if I find out and I can fix it, I’ll make another build as soon as I can. In the meantime:

  1. If playing music (and maybe making calls) via a BT device is an important use case for you, then you may want to think twice about updating for now (details below of how to revert to 0.17 while preserving your data if you’ve already upgraded).
  2. If you have installed the v0.18 build, and you are in a position to test this functionality, I would be very interested in what you find. Does audio play through the device for you?

[EDIT] Some more investigation shows that it works fine with some BT devices (e.g. KitSound Boombar Bluetooth Portable Speaker) but not with others (e.g. ION Cassete BT Adapter in my wife’s car or IO Play2 car kit with music streaming in my car :frowning: )

I would be even more interested to hear of anyone else’s experience with BT audio in this build. Anyone use it with BT headphones or ear buds?

To downgrade from v0.18 to 0.17:

  1. Make a TWRP backup of your data partition
  2. Format data partition
  3. Install the v0.17 build (linked in this post)
  4. Boot the device and go through the First Time Setup Wizard (no need to enter any data: with luck you’ll get it all back in the next step :slight_smile: )
  5. In TWRP, restore the backup you made in step 1
  6. Reboot, an check hat all your installed apps still work. If any keep stopping, you may need to uninstall and reinstall (which may lose some of your data or settings - sorry!)

Here is a build with the Bluetooth audio issues fixed. Tested with IO PLay 2 car kit and Boombar portable BT speaker :slight_smile:

@petefoth, Having a little problem here…
Did a backup to SD card with TWRP.
Installed your latest build.
Rebooted and set up /e/. (time zone, language, etc.)
Restarted to TWRP and restored backup.
Now the phone will only boot into TWRP.
Went back and repeated the backup restore, but still only boots into TWRP.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Oh wow, I think I fixed it. I reinstalled the build, rebooted, and now everything appears to be fine, with my data restored. I confirmed I have the latest build installed.

Not sure what I did wrong, but I am sure I don’t really understand what I’m doing! :rofl:
I probably skipped some step or included one that I didn’t need.
A simple guide here…for idiots… would help a lot; I mean just an overview of the main steps.

I’ll let you know if I notice any bugs. Thanks for your work!

If a dirty flash (install over a working earlier build) doesn’t work, then the following will usually fix it:

  1. TWRP Backup
  2. TWRP Format data ( from the Wipe menu)
  3. TWRP Install the new build
  4. Boot the phone, and go through the first time setup . No need to enter any data, as you will restore what you had, but do set and screen lock pattern you has previously.
  5. TWRP restore

That one hasn’t failed me yet :wink:

That’s basically what I did, with the additional steps of removing my screen lock before starting the process. After I completed the restore and rebooted, it just kept going back into TWRP.
Repeating the image install brought it back for me, and my restored data and apps were all in place.
I wonder if my volume key was stuck…? Next time, I’ll remove the case before I start.

Issues so far:
.Signal would not start, so reinstalled from Apps store. [Oh gods! now even Signal wants to verify that I’m a human…while installing the app on my own device!]
.Screen lock timeout doesn’t respect my time delay. [Fixed now.]

.LTE: Looks like LTE still won’t connect automatically after reboot; requires toggle to 3G, then back to LTE Preferred.

Someone on the Z3 Compact LOS XDA Forum suggested formatting system partition before flashing the update should fix the problem. Worth remembering for next time :slight_smile:

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I’ve done it everything seems to work (except like Taurus LTE won’t connect automatically).
Unfortunately I’m not a big user of bluetooth so I can’t make any feedback on that. Sorry.
Thanks again for this build !!

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