[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact (xz2c)

Thanks for the info @mihi I’ll try the installation as soon as I finish setting my local media server.

Thanks for your work mihi!!! I used your build until 0.17-q!!!

But in the last rom 0.19-q-20211029 the battery runs out in only 5h of standby!!!

Anyone have the same problem?

It’s better install the version 0.19-q-20211027?

Hi @Sdondix Thanx for your feedback, good to know theres a bunch of users of xz2c. No I have none of that, usually my own usage drains the battery in 5 hours. Im still struggling to find a good battery usage app, with which I can identify the drainers while in stand by… Difference between 0.19-q-20211025 and 0.19-q-20211027 is the tag (version), so one is 0.19.3-q and the other is 0.19.5-q. Th version 0.19.3-q was available after I read post about officall 0.19 announcment, then I realized dialer issue was kinda still present and 2 days later new buildversion 0.19.5-q came, so I did a new build. In the settings ln your phone you only see the “major” version.

I’ve found the problem!! 1 process kill my battery.
Now the duration is normal!!! Your build is fantastic!!

However I read in the release plan for /e/ that the official build for our device will be released about mid-december.

How did find the issue?

To be honest, I don’t do much with the build just standard building with docker as its documented in the how to😉.

Yes, if everything works out. Fingers crossed. I hope there will be a method to migrate data, it seems we’ll need to do a fresh install…

When you told me, your battery works properly I ceck with GSam Battery and I didn’t found any problem. I turn off the phone and when I restart the problems were disappeared.

I use e/os cloud and work for photo, contact and calendar; but for app and settings I have to fix every time I format

Here’s version 0.20.6-q, as usual NOEN must be updated manually:


Everything seems to be working, although I sideloaded it couple minutes ago

Hi, there are no mirrors to download the file, can you host it again. Thanks

This week the first official build for the XZ2C was published. Have a look here:

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Will do it later, sorry about that. Never happend before.

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If anyone installs the official build please give a feedback here. The other day I read this an wondered if I should install at the moment:

the device was released in week 34 and from manoj’s weekly info R is officially released after a test phase

I’ve installed the latest official build and it seems good although I’ve not done much with it yet. Voice calls ok, speaker works. Volte, video calls, wifi calling provosioned with my carrier sim: 3UK.

Battery only lasting a day but it was bad on stock and LOS4mG as well. I’ve got a replacement to try and fit today.

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Is the build comming with the Sony Camera installed?

Hello @udengoogle

No it doesn’t. I am using standard Docker build from /e/. Never got to have the time to get into more building skills, would love to be on the level @petefoth is and include it. I have read posts in the past browsing the community, also when I wanted to make a reference here I found this topic where you already had some discussions :slight_smile:

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The Sony stock camera is only present in my unofficial and custom e/OS/ Q builds because

  1. it is present in the upstream unofficial LineageOS 17.1 ROMs that is the base for my work and
  2. I have no idea how to remove it (even if I wanted to, which I don’t)

As far as I know the app is not available from the Sony web site: it’s a proprietary app which is present in the vendor image of the stock XZ1 Compact Android ROMs, and has been extracted from there by the developer(s)/maintainer(s) of the LOS ROM.

If the developer(s)/maintainer(s) of the XZ2 Compact LOS ROM haven’t done the same, then I have no idea how to go about adding it to the /e/OS ROM.


I have had a look at the XDA thread for the upstream official LOS 17 ROM (which is no longer actively developed, now the LOS 18.1 ROM is available ) and it says


  • The Sony stock camera does not work at the moment.

And thread for the LOS 18.1 ROM has the same text, so it looks like there is no chance of getting the stock Sony camera workinfg ro this device.

Sorry :frowning:

Thank you for the thorough answer :grin:

Love it!!!’

Shame that the app it doesnt work in 11. HOpe that it would at some point.
I am trying to download the apk from the Sony Camera , but it doesnt wanna open. Any suggestion?

I might say that the officail Lineageos will never be interested in getting the Sony camera at all, in my opinion