[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Xiaomi Mi 9T (davinci) for /e/OS-T

Xiaomi Mi 9T (davinci) for /e/OS-T-1.15

This device is officially supported by LineageOS.
Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at you own risk! I do not own this device so its untested.
Please support the developer(s)!

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Tried to install it using TWRP 3.7.0, i get the error assert failed: update_dynamic_partitions(package_extract_file("dynamic_partition_op_list"))
I formatted data and I tried to flash a super_empty.img from lineage os but it didn’t work, i also updated my firmware to V12.1.4.0.RFJMIXM Global but it didn’t work. But I also get the same error from the lineage rom.
It seems to be a problem from TWRP because lineageos flashed correctly using their own recovery. But the lineage recovery says an error because it’s unsigned then another error about the fact the rom is a downgrade then stop because of the second error.
Could you recommend a recovery to flash this rom, the e os recovery does not work and is just a black screen on Mi 9T
Edit: Here’s the messages i get with the lineage os recovery:

Verifying update package...
ERROR:   recovery: failed to verify whole-file signature
Update package verification took 51.8s (result 1).
ERROR:   recovery: Signature verification failed
ERROR:   recovery: error: 21
Installing update...
ERROR:   recovery: Current SPL: 2023-10-03 Target SPL: 2023-08-05 this is considered a downgrade
ERROR:   recovery: Denying OTA because it's SPL downgrade

Installation completed with status 1.
Installation aborted.

My first installation of @roonz98 build e-1.15-t-20231010-UNOFFICIAL-davinci_mi9t.zip failed, the following one was successful.

I came from cdDroid 9.9 (Android 13) with MinMicroG und TWRP 3.7.0. Therefore I made a clean installation.

First I installed e-recovery included in @roonz98 image successfully, but ROM installation was aborted; error message; Install compled with Status 1, Installation aborted,

Now I installed the latest official LineageOS image according to the detailed LOS specifications. There the first step is: Flash empty super image.

fastboot wipe-super super_empty.img

The remaining LOS nstallation steps ran without errors,

Now I installed again the e-recovery, formatted error free and installed per adb sideload the @ronnz98 .zip file without problems

The front camera that extends and lights up could not be calibrated at the beginning. After cleaning all caches, the front camera calibration was successful. By the way: Fingerprint (under display, optical), works perfectly.

Very advantageous for future @ronnz98’s updates:
Updating can be done without a PC, as the e-Recovery allows ‘adb sideload’ also from OTG USB-Stick.

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The solution was just to use the recovery included in the zip, the install worked perfectly. Everything works, even better than the official one, the camera worked for me on the first try. Any plans to become official ?

This is up to the eFoundation/Murena…

I have 2 problems with the rom:
The first is that the App Lounge fails everytime, for every application even foss ones from f-droid just download up to 100% then tells “Retry”, maybe a problem of the underlying installer. I tried to clear the cache and app data and connect with my own account but it didn’t change anything.
My bank app also wasn’t working, i needed to edit /system/build.prop and change ro.build.tags=release-keys and ro.debuggable=0. The official versions didn’t need this change iirc

New update:

Successful update without PC and without data loss from version e-1.15-t-20231010-UNOFFICIAL-davinci_mi9t via adb sideload e-1.16.1-t-20231102-UNOFFICIAL-davinci.zip from OTB USB stick. Android security update September 5, 2023.

The e-Recovery V1.15 has not been updated, although “Update recovery” is activated in the settings. Status still e-Recovery V.15


Successful manual update to version T-V1.18 without PC and without data loss.

Direct download from @ronnz98’s e-1.18-t-20231210-UNOFFICIAL-davinci.zip to my ‘davinci’, then move *.zip file to a USB-C stick using e-Dateimananger.

  • Boot e-system into the e-Recovery T-V1.15
  • Apply Update
  • Choose from usbtg (USB-C stick)

The existing e-Recovery T-V1.15 was not updated to version T-V1.18, although this was activated in the system in the Mi 9T. e-Recovery T-V.18 now subsequently updated via fastboot flash recovery recovery.img.

:sunglasses: Credit: Thank you very much @ronnz98 for building this new /e/OS-T 1.18 ROM.


New owner of a Xiaomi Mi 9T, I had some problems with the recovery mode in Chinese, see here: Xiaomi Mi 9T Recovery mode in Chinese Help! - #51 by Fougor

I managed to install the Global ROM and the recovery is now in English. My android version is 13. I then installed LineageOS to test it, but I’d like to go back to /e/OS.

Is this possible? Because @aibd told me that going back to an earlier version would be dangerous.

Thanks for your answers and suggestions.

earlier version? The official LineageOS for ‘davinci’ is version lineage-20.0-20231231, also based on Android 13 like @ronnt98’s e-1.18-t-20231210-UNOFFICIAL-davinci.

An OS change should be possible without further ado. Personally, however, I would first replace the LOS recovery with the e-rRcovery.

All right. Thanks for the feedback.

But I don’t know what the e-rRcovery is and what it’s for?
Please explain.
I understand some things, but this goes beyond that. :grin: :grin:

Screenshot e-Recovery

What is recovery?

Okay, I get it. So it’s the /e/ recovery that installs and will be more able to install /e/OS.
I tried to download the e recovery, but alas, I found nothing.
Is there a download page? If so, where is it?

Thanks for your help.

it is not necessary, as recovery-e is the same as lineageos-recovery, only rebranded…
it should/must do the job (it is expected because its mission is to install such recovery compatible .ZIP)

you need to extract it from the downloaded /e/ .ZIP (it is included in it)

Thanks, I found it. I’ll install it tomorrow.

The vague wording «it should do the job» sounds to me like - I don’t really know, but theoretically it should work because e-recovery is like lineage-recovery, only rebranded. Well, it’s always worth a try.

excuse me, i am French and for us it is the same verb… “devoir” (have to, also moral exigence)
only temporal conjugaison variation “il devrait” (that is expected), “il doit” (it is forced to)
i have corrected

All good @piero, when translating our native language into English, misunderstandings can quickly arise.

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