[Unofficial Build] Xiaomi Redmi Note 7(lavender) eOS Q-build

A new up-to-date unofficial Q-build for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (lavender)

This is an untested build so make a backup first and share your experience please.

Device info : https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/lavender

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Bonjour, un de vous a-t-il testé cette version ? car la version e-0.8 fonctionnant très bien j’ai un peu peur de franchir le pas ?
avec quel kernel ? Predator-Stormbreaker ?
quel firmware ?

merci de vos retours

Cette rom est basée sur les sources officielles de lineageOS. Si vous effectuez d’abord une sauvegarde, rien ne peut mal tourner

Bonjour, et merci pour la réponse.
j’ai effectué un test rapide mais j’ai eu un petit dysfonctionnement sur le gps et la camera.
n’ayant pas le temps de pousser l’expérience et ayant besoin de mon tel ces jours ci je tenterais le test plus tard.

I have installed this ROM, and I haven’t noticed any problems so far, everything seems to be working!
The only thing that didn’t work was Magic Earth, the version installed by default fails to start and crashes systematically. Just update it (I use Aurora Store, it does the trick) and the problem is solved.
Thank you very much, I will keep you informed if I find other problems.

For people who have problems installing android 10 from android 9, one technique is to flash the phone with a ROM from Xiaomi under Android 10, taking care to download the .tgz file (so the second one) for example this one :

Extract the archive, connect the phone to the PC with fastboot (Power + Volume Down) and run the script ./flash_all.sh (for windows, certainly flash_all.bat).

Then you can easily install this ROM as usual.
For those who are a little lost :

  1. Boot into Orange Fox (which you must have previously installed with fastboot)
  2. Data format (not wipe, format! It’s not in the same place)
  3. Wipe davlik, cache, system
  4. Reboot in Orange Fox. …important !
  5. Copy eOS zip from pc to device storage
  6. Flash eOS.zip with Orange Fox
  7. Reboot system
  8. Enjoy :smiley:
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Update on the Redmi Note 7…

Thank you very much!
We need to wipe and format as I said before to upgrade from your version 0.13 to 0.14 or just flash is enough?

You can dirty flash the rom. So I always only whipe dalvik/cache, system and cache. Flash the rom. Wipe cache and reboot.

I think everything is working, thank you!
But apart from the security patches, what else changes?

I loved the ROM!! But there’s no support for a10 gestures. Is that a bug or should I flash again?

Thank you itsclarence for your work. Install it previously end of decembre and works very well.
My question is, with the official release (e-0.13), can I dirty flash on yours ?
Thanks for your answer.

Yes, that should be no problem…
But as always, backup first…

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Hey, thanks for the build man. Works solidly on my Redmi, but I had to do a clean flash, dirty didn’t work for me coming from the official /e/ release for lavender.

Do you have any plans to implement the Q gestures?
Greetz from Germany

Bonjour, il semblerait qu’une version officielle (beta) soit maintenant en ligne. Cette version unofficial fonctionne chez moi très bien et sans problème, malgré cela ne serait il pas plus judicieux de basculer sur la version officielle ?

merci de vos conseils

Je le ferais certainement, car vous êtes assuré de la dernière mise à jour de sécurité et des mises à jour peuvent être effectuées via OTA.

ok, merci pour la réponse je m’attelle de ce pas a l’installation de la version officielle.
et merci pour tout le travail effectué sur la version non officielle qui me donne entiere satisfaction depuis maintenant plus de 15 mois :slight_smile:

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