[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Android TV Amlogic devices for /e/OS-T

Android TV Amlogic devices for /e/OS-T-1.16.1
Since I do not own the devices its untested.






Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at your own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

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Oh wonderful @ronnz98, Did you build based on official or unofficial LineageOS?

Builds: are from the official LineageOS sources

  • deadpool - Google ADT-3
  • wade - Dynalink TV Box (4K)
  • m5 - Banana Pi M5 (Android TV)
  • odroidc4 - ODROID C4 (Android TV)
  • radxa0 - Rock Pi Radxa Zero (Android TV)

Please see here my detailed post about Banana M5: [ALIEN BUILD] /e/OS for Banana Pi M5.

Have to retry building one of these days, but as far as I know USB OTG problem isn’t resolved yet.

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Wow very impressive what you have done!

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Thanks :smiley_cat:
As you can see, while building for these devices is not that difficult, making them run smoothly is an entire different story :wink:

Yes true. Building can be learnt quickly. Developing is another story and I think there is too less attention paid to the developers - we need to support them more.


I have tried to install @ronnz98’s /e/OS-ROM twice - both times unsuccessfully.

The first installation was after the successful installation of LineageOS 20.0 lineage-20.0-20231019-nightly-wade-signed.zip

The second installation was after a completely rebuilt stock Android 12, build release v3.01.94, Oct 12, 2023

Both unsuccessful /e/OS installations ended in e-Recovery, so that the system could not boot.

Striking are - see also screenshot

  1. The font is partially illegible on /e/OS.
  2. The file bootloader.img is not included in /e/OS, but is explicitly installed in the LOS-ROM.


MicroG doesn’t emulate what Android TV needs. Different GMSCore.

I did not have a positive user experience with this build e-1.16.1-t-20231107-UNOFFICIAL-wade.zip

… as in, contributing patches to /e/ repos or Lineage - or what’s your impression?

well if one can, yes. At least with donating small amount of money for them

Hello all, last days I was searching to habe tv box solution.
I have at home 2 rpi4, one is for having a media box.
Till now I had on it the librelec with kodi, but for some stuffs it’s quite not practicable or smart.
Find the solution in atv somehow better.

Then and came then on your threads.
I find quite impressive that you are all such active.
But have some maybe stupide question.
Is that for a specific purpose that nothing applied for an rpi hardware ?

I find quite handy to flash the sdcard for installing the rom.
Then is not that complicated if it gets stuck, or need to Change for a faster one or bigger…

I found the konstakang rom, but need opengapps which seems to be no more developed, and have to login in google account (which I don’t have).
It works without any gapps but there is no functional launcher, and by installing one, i doesn’t start with…

If someone may have a short look on the konstakang rom and may give a tipp on how may we have some consistency and add a flair a la /e/ solution?

Might not work, but worth a try:


This device is officially supported by LineageOS.
Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

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