[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 LTE (gts3llte, SM-T825)] / Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 WiFi (gts3lwifi, SM-T820)] for eOS R

Thanks for clarifying that Ron , but so are the old Lineageos roms available , so it’s not possible to build a Nougat at all even if outdated status is accepted ?

Theoretically its possible, however its not easy and you still have an outdated version

is this klimtwifi? I did a Q build and it seems not to work. Do you have a working /e/OS version?

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No it was a port on CrDroid or LineageOS . Only T280 I could Port from T285 . BTW I dont care about old build , its more that we have it in our Library here at e , the build used now are also outdated , I just edit them and add new apps such as browser webview etc to make experience good even in 2023 , great for Tv radio , ot personal stuff users know

Btw T800 Chagalwifi is the codename

ah ok. For this I dont have feedback yet. maybe you want to test:

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Of Course will grab the tablet and format it …
Ill get you your feedback brother

Ok Ron bad news the T800 Rom is not booting ,…not even after a format Data clean install…

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ok thank for the feedback! Seems my Q builds are not very reliable

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No worries bro I have pretty good lineageos 20 for chagalwifi , maybe you can overhaul the e components in the place of lineage . Its a port from the T805 , wifi sound touch works its more then good to use , I watch tv on it and its playing radio atm … Sources should be on Github,

Gonna test J5 now I should have that phone–oef I have 2015 model , but i do have the S5 NEO
Android 11 for Neo , great job …Sept 2023 patches wow !

Can you share the sources please


This should do it …

Broken: GPS (Works on Wifi Model), Fingerprint, RIL/LTE, DRM L1
Use NikGapps for Google Apps


I did some time an Android R version for Chagallwifi… wanna try?

sure - downloading -

not booting bro sorry

one final try please with this ROM:

of course my friend …will test device still in recovery mode …

Update it now boots but never reaches the home screen so you made a step forward

The rom bootloops only after clean flashing. Force rebooting allows it to boot properly the second time and every time afterwards.

This are the only things left you can try… if that dont work then I’ll give up