[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-T713 and Tab SM-T813 eOS R

so enough builds for today:


Update for SM-T813 with final 1.15-r version:


SM-T713 does boot (clean install) and Camera seems to work now (at least with eOS camera app). Fingerprint scanner is not supported any more. Overall build looks promising.


Thanks ! Testing on T-813 and so far works great ( delay with camera and fingerprint absence are normal lineageos A11 behaviour )

How could we work to have those great community builds becoming available as OTA ? I have some servers and space to build an OTA server

Or is there any community server already ?

OTA updates would of course be very user-friendly. However, this would only be worthwhile if updated builds are to be released regularly. Therefore the question to the e-ROM Builder:

@ronnz98, are updates planned in the future on your part at regular intervals, i.e. every four to six weeks, or are your commendable efforts a one-off action that will be discontinued in a short time?

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I will build at least for the devices I own, ie T713 and T810. For other devices lets see.
Does someone have a OTA server and can grab the ROMs from AndroidFileHost?

Well, that’s what I thought. That’s why I’m back to LOS 14.1 from @Deltadroid with Security Patch Level September 2023 and @Awesometic’s LOS18.1 with MinMicroG for SM-T820 + T825

Well, if there is need I can build - should be however for more than one person :slight_smile:

Yes, I can well understand that. I would do the same.

Great, at least for the T-813 I think there are already two ;- )

Three! :wink:
Thanks for your work!

Alright, so SM-T713, SM-T813 and SM-T810 I will build


From a security perspective and to reduce labor perhaps drop further Android Q builds for T-813?

The /e/OS Q-build is no less secure than the /e/OS R-build as long as /e/ maintains the resources and keeps the Android security patch level up to date. The best example of this is the official /e/OS Q-builds along with /e/OS Q-GSI.

The /e/OS R builds for the SM-T713 and SM-T813 run well. If they are continuously updated, that would be a big win for users.

In the versions you mentioned, what is the date of the latest included security update?

In the T-813 Q version ronnz98 build it is the 5.2.2023…seems outdated

As far as I know latest Q security update are from FEB-2023. I used latest Q sources from /e/OS to build.


It would be great if /e/ could be persuaded to host an OTA server for unofficial builds of /e/OS.
There would need to be some ‘vetting’ of ROMs (are they signed? have they been downloaded? used?) and of builders, but it would be a significant benefit for users of these devices, and for /e/OS generally.

I will be having a similar discussion with the maintainers of LineageOS for microG, to see if they can host unofficial builds of their ROM.


as far as i can see everything runs great on my T713. i mainly use gps and bike navigation with osmand.
Thank you so much! :pray:

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do you know of a workaround to fix the camera delay? worked before using camera as a motion sensor, but its close to useless now…

Thanks @ronnz98.

Have been running LOS17 on my old T713 but recently switched to your build.

So far running very fine and smooth. Thanks for keeping the life in my old T713.

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Updates for /e/OS-R-1.17

gts28vewifi (713)

gts210vewifi (813)


Just want to say thanks for this build. I’ve bin using a SM-T713 for a few days now and was running Lineage 19 but with no camera. I really wanted the camera support. Did some searching and found this thread. I loaded the latest build yesterday and love it. Everything works! Loaded all my favorite apps, App Lounge updated everything this morning.

Thanks! Please keep this great little tablet viable.