Unofficial /e/ R/A11 build for Xiaomi Redmi note 10pro (sweet)

Another R/Android 11 build for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10pro - sweet

A big thanks to grewal, whose sources I have used to build this rom.

- It is recommended to clean flash, for this device with dynamic partitioning that means flash the rom and then format data.
- If you are coming from a different vendor version please make sure to flash miui vendor first, accordingly to your region.
- If you are coming from a different Android version make sure to rollback to android 11 firmware.

I have tested this rom the past 2 weeks myself and am happy about feedback or to assisst if needed.

Find the rom file here

Enjoy /e/ on the Xiaomi Redmi note 10pro


Thank you so much for this /e/ build. I use it everyday for a month ago.
Is there any chance to see an update to 1.3 or, later, 1.4 ?
I would like to build it but I don’t have any build experiment and nobody before you build for this phone.

Have a nice day.


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Hi Cyril,
I am glad you are enjoying this build.
Right now I am not at home with my buildmachine, which is in desperate need of some hardware upgrades. I will only be back at home with my upgraded machine towards the end of the year.
I hope, by then, /e/ will have released their updated sources for android 12 as there are way better nd up to date devicetrees for this device based on android12.

So i boot in or Twrp or Orangefox on miui android 11
So I dont wipe anything but flash te file and after that I reboot again in recovery and then format data

Is that correct

I would rather flash the custom recovery but booting it might work as well… And iirc there is no need to reboot before wiping data.
I will hopefully soon release a version 1.7 based on Android12, it is in personal testing just now.

Now I have downgraded the phone to android 11
and the rom I have
So if am correct i can do a dirty flash over the miui rom, but how if it is a recovery and I dont see hoew to do that with the recovery from Redmi

First of you need to get a custom recovery of your choice, you mentioned twrp and orangefox, i only used twrp on this device… Once you have your image you need to flash it via fastboot over the existing miui recovery, then boot to recovery and flash the /e/ zip and wipe data from there

Just installed the 1.1 versio non the note 10 and no bootloop , E is comming up
On the poco F1 had all some expierience with /e/

Only hoping that by the new version the data not will be encrypted because then it is difficult to root again etc , did not see an solution on the net for it ,

With thanks for the rom and info

Can i install on a sweetin device not sweet and how?

Looking forward to this release. Seems so hard to find an Android12 based de-googled ROM for this phone for some reason.

A few days run in now the rom , and everything I need works .
Am very curious about the latest version .
Thank you for this rom

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The onl problem with it is that the dat will be encrypted an therefore you cant install Magisk and thart the recovery cannot flash files

I have always been able to install magisk and to acces and flash files through recovery, even with encryption on.

can you tell me how you did it

I downloaded the magisk app, patched the boot.img file which i extracted from the rom-zip, and then flashed the patched boot.img in twrp. Just make sure you use the according twrp. So iirc for a11 use the twrp3.6.2-a11 and for a12 it should be 3.7.0-a12…

Have patched the img file with Magisk and after that , flashed it with fastboot
And now I regain root and therefore able to run adaway as root so no more adverts

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Is it possible that the NFC is not working correct.
Because I want to pay mobile, but I can not make a mobile card in the phone
All other things of the banking app works
Have checked it by returning to stock rom and then I am able again to make a mobile card in the phone

I don t think mobile pay will work without google pay… So no luck on /e/

I do not know if I am on the right address but I try.
The slowmo in the camera of this rom is not working