Hi there.

I built a pie variant of e-v0.9 because /e/ only support it officially in nougat but no later versions.
The device source code is courtesy of Fagyi. so please head over to it’s XDA page to learn about what is working and what is not.

The zip can be found here

The source code (manifest) can be found here.

Hi, I made the roomservice the day you built this device, and we don’t have the same roomservice.

Where this “https://git.zx2c4.com/android_kernel_wireguard” come from and why did you add it to the roomservice ?
And mine has one more dependencie in it (FlipFlap).

Yours :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <remote name="zx2c4" fetch="https://git.zx2c4.com/" />
  <project remote="zx2c4" name="android_kernel_wireguard" path="kernel/wireguard" revision="master" sync-s="true" />
  <project name="pintaf/android_device_htc_pme" path="device/htc/pme" remote="github" revision="maru-0.6" />
  <project name="pintaf/android_kernel_htc_msm8996" path="kernel/htc/msm8996" remote="github" revision="maru-0.6" />
  <project name="pintaf/proprietary_vendor_htc" path="vendor/htc" remote="github" revision="lineage-15.1" />
  <project name="LineageOS/android_packages_resources_devicesettings" path="packages/resources/devicesettings" remote="github" revision="lineage-15.1" />

Mine :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <project name="Fagyi/android_device_htc_pme" path="device/htc/pme" remote="github" revision="lineage-16.0" />
  <project name="Fagyi/android_kernel_htc_msm8996" path="kernel/htc/pme" remote="github" revision="lineage-16.0" />
  <project name="Fagyi/proprietary_vendor_htc" path="vendor/htc" remote="github" revision="lineage-16.0" />
  <project name="LineageOS/android_packages_apps_FlipFlap" path="packages/apps/FlipFlap" remote="github" revision="lineage-16.0" />
  <project name="LineageOS/android_packages_resources_devicesettings" path="packages/resources/devicesettings" remote="github" revision="lineage-16.0" />

So if you could explain me why yours is better (if it is), it would be great please :slight_smile:

Hello Anonyme.

Sorry for the time I took to answer you.
In the future if you need quicker responses, you can get in touch with me on telegram. @pintaf

So, yours is actually better.
the wiregard dependency is something I had to add to my build at some point. I think it was to build it on LOS15.1 because of some stuff missing in the kernel. I don’t remember well, but on my latest builds I did not have to include it, so you can safely remove it.

Concerning the FlipFlap, it seems nice to include it.

It seems to be something designed to provide specific screen display when a flip cover is on the screen.

I see the HTC 10 is tested to be included in official builds in 9 variants ? that’s nice.
If there’s anything I can do to help on that, let me know.

Fagyi also published it’s sources for android 10, so we should be able to build /e/ on this version as well