[Unofficial ROM] Oneplus One 'bacon' e-0.22 MINIMAL_APPS

Update 27 July 2022

With v1.0 and in particular Advanced Privacy the /e/ filesystem is too big for the device. The updated build, v1.2 is without Advanced Privacy, reducing size considerably. This filesystem size issue is raised in Gitlab here Oneplus One - bacon - /e/ filesystem is too large for the device (#5860) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab. To download he updated ROM please follow this link: [CUSTOM BUILD] Oneplus One - bacon v1.4 in Post 2 - MINIMAL_APPS without Advanced Privacy

Earlier build: MINIMAL_APPS build for Oneplus One ‘bacon’.

A bacon ROM with the same heritage has been tested and reported on by a community member and is outlined here Experimental Custom build 'extra_minimal_apps' for Oneplus One - bacon.

Taking inspiration from docker guide How to Build the /e/OS ROM?

MINIMAL_APPS … For now it’s removing LibreOffice viewer, PDFViewer, Maps and Weather.

I used this for the vendorsetup.sh

export EOS_DEVICE=bacon
export EOS_SIGNATURE_SPOOFING=restricted
export ANDROID_JACK_VM_ARGS="-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -XX:+TieredCompilation -Xmx8G"
export BRANCH_NAME="v0.22-q"
## extendrom section
export EXTENDROM_PACKAGES="noEOSLibreOfficeViewer noEOSPdfViewer noEOSMagicEarth noEOSOpenWeatherMapWeatherProvider"

Bliss weather widget was non-functional on v0.22-q build, due to missing OpenWeatherMapWeatherProvider. Now working correctly in v1.2.

Feedback, please – the more critical the better !


In this report on the filesystem size of ‘extra_minimal_apps’ Experimental Custom build 'extra_minimal_apps' for Oneplus One - bacon - #7 by bonusbartus I saw what I thought was over 10% ‘headroom’ in the system filesystem. This led me to believe that a standard MINIMAL_APPS might build … and it has. (/e/ has been maintaining this device at Nougat, where builds produce ‘out of space’ errors with a standard MINIMAL_APPS.)

If there are others who have an interest in preserving the life of Oneplus One in /e/ land, please test and report on the headroom in this build.

This build may fall by the wayside due to lack of a ROM Maintainer. However the device trees are maintained to the benefit of Lineage and Lineage.microg (and are available for /e/).

/e/ users with an interest in the device may find that with some cooperation we can influence the devs to accept Community support in place of the support of an individual ROM maintainer.

Caution: this might involve a leap of faith !


On my newly arrived Oneplus one bacon 16 GB this build shows

$ df -h /system                                                      
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% 
/dev/block/mmcblk0p14 1.2G  1.1G   95M  93%

I hope to make progress in making this build official.

(This compares with

df -a  [edited]
/dev/block/mmcblk0p14    1334432   1191596    142836  89% /system

seen for an EXTRA_MINIMAL_APPS build, Experimental Custom build 'extra_minimal_apps' for Oneplus One - bacon - #7 by bonusbartus)

Work in progress to fix for v1.0:

The Bliss weather widget is greyed out presumably due to no OpenWeatherMapProvider. In a v1.0 build I will attempt to include it and recheck that /system is not overfull.

@Manoj, please could you open the OP to editable. Thank you.

The original post has been made editable as required.

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