Experimental Custom build 'extra_minimal_apps' for Oneplus One - bacon

There was talk that /e/ support for Oneplus One bacon might cease due to the known small filesystem space. I see this in a regular build.

The max image size for filesystem files is 1388314624 bytes (1324 MB).

Firstly I wonder why /e/ is/was still building Nougat dev https://images.ecloud.global/dev/bacon/. Other CUSTOM ROMs have been offered on the forum in pie and Q.

I have been working on producing this CUSTOM ROM – bacon. A similar ROM for my Samsung A3 (2016) has tested ok and run for >1 week.

The ROM has now been tested, see Post #4.
and md5sum @androidfilehost

Please test it if you can !

Full Disclosure:

I do not own the device. My workflow has been to try to create a very small build for my Samsung A3 (2016) a3xelte and then test that it will boot, then try to make a matching build for Oneoplus One bacon.

My build evironment is still being optimised as I learn.

Android_prebuilts_prebuiltapks_lfs have arrived during my experimentation and changed my build environment, I think for the better.

I hope to be able to publish the exact brother of this build (in a day or two) for Samsung A3 (2016).

The build in detail

The build contains working First start wizard, e-drive, Bliss Launcher, Apps store – there are no added external apps.

Further apps already included: Bliss’s weather widget, Phone / Dialer, Account Manager, Browser, Notes, Tasks, /e/ micro-g (no-en).

Apps you might want to install to replace missing items are
Calendar: Etar, Camera: OpenCamera, Mail: K-9 Mail, Message: QKSMS, Magic Earth.

My experience of Samsung A3 (2016) is that these apps installed as a user, that is non-system apps, work just fine.

The actual list of removed apps is:
noEOSESmsSync noEOSPdfViewer noEOSLibreOfficeViewer noEOSCamera noEOSeSpeakTTS noEOScom.google.android.maps.jar noEOSDroidGuard noEOSOpenKeychain noEOSPwaPlayer noEOSMagicEarth noEOSCalendar noEOSMessage noEOSMail

If bacon might receive continuing official support, (if my build is found to run satisfactorily !) I can see whether there is space to add some more items if the dev team think this necessary.



Hi @aibd we do not have dedicated Maintainers for the bacon to help debug and maintain. If I get a volunteer, then we can have the device upgraded.

Thanks @Manoj, I am on the lookout for a Oneplus One phone myself. If, when I find one, I can confirm that the build boots and runs nicely, I could consider making such a volunteer offer.

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Hi @aibd

Just installed this build on my 64GB Bacon, through TWRP.
Seems to install and run just fine. Anything in particular I should check for?

Thank you so much for testing this @bonusbartus and your report.

I am not aware of anything to look out for, but I will appreciate any feedback on anything that needs attention!

The /e/ cloud service is under development right now, I would need to take action if any of the items I omitted from the build affected things there negatively.

In the records I have kept in a failed build, I can see the size error which is the blocker for this device expressed like this:

The tree size of ~/path/to/out/soong/.temp/tmpzu2ll5 is 1484238848 bytes (1415 MB), with reserved space of 0 bytes (0 MB).
The max image size for filesystem files is 1388314624 bytes (1324 MB), out of a total partition size of 1388314624 bytes (1324 MB).

When a build is successful I do not know a way to tell the comparable filesystem size.

I can compare the finished size of the ROMs but I do not find this is a good indicator to predict the available headroom to install further system apps or to predict a likely stable situation of say 1% - 2% headroom for “production” builds.

I am not sure the best way to collect this information, but I wonder @bonusbartus if you are able to read the size of /system from TWRP to see if this is the number I seek.

Any other suggestions welcome

No problem

~ # df -a
Filesystem             1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
tmpfs                    1459628        32   1459596   0% /dev
devpts                         0         0         0   0% /dev/pts
proc                           0         0         0   0% /proc
sysfs                          0         0         0   0% /sys
selinuxfs                      0         0         0   0% /sys/fs/selinux
tmpfs                    1459628        20   1459608   0% /tmp
adb                            0         0         0   0% /dev/usb-ffs/adb
/dev/block/mmcblk0p28   57591248   2461220  55130028   4% /data
/dev/block/mmcblk0p28   57591248   2461220  55130028   4% /sdcard
/dev/block/mmcblk0p16     516040      8652    507388   2% /cache
/dev/block/mmcblk0p14    1334432   1191596    142836  89% /system

anything else you need?