Unofficial vs. official device list?

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after going through the official device list ( I searched for /e/ vs. surnia and found this one:
Is this an unofficial list? It contains a lot of promising stuff.

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Hi @uzeka thanks for pointing this out. The list given here is the correct official supported list. The other list was a file which was published to the site in error. Now it has been removed.

First one is list of devices already supported second one all devices that have lineage os support same like here so potentially can be supported in the future, by the way i already build unofficial one for surnia Motorola E2 (2nd gen)

Hi Manoj, thanks a lot for clarification.
Currently, it is difficult to see which ports are community-based and which ones are officials. I’d suggest to visualize this within the list.
Finding a suitable used phone to test E is hard, since it is unclear how long each release will be maintained. Not long ago Moto surnia go off the lineage support list, as well as Nexus hammerhead. Even if i choose an older, still supported device, it could be off during the next months. What would you recommend?

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Hi Unknown,
great to hear that you work on a surnia release. Just one remark that worries me: The lineage device list became scarily short. Looking at there is only a small subset of
Even my beloved surnia was omitted an I have to find a new device, while the old hardware still works great :-/
For this, E’s dependency from lineage will bring a shorter device list quite soon, or am I wrong?

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Learn how to build you own unnoficial build, so u can update it when you want, here some guides [HOWTO] Build /e/ [HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker [HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker for non LineageOS supported devices [HOWTO] An unofficial / e / ROM built with Docker – in pictures but ill reccomend you my own Fastest and easiest guide for building unofficial /e/ rom

No ijust build unnoficial one /e/ rom its same as official but no ota updates support.

First link its maintained now devices, second all devices that ever had los

You dont need new device, when buildin /e/ all sources updates so you get latest features fom los and /e/ and lastest android security patches, but as your device not maintaned anymore so as mine (Redmi Note 5 whyred) so you dont get new kernels features from los and vendor security updates, but believe me, los and /e/ roms a pretty stable, and 100% better than your stock bloated and spying rom from your vendor. So you can build your own rom and you get all from /e/ except ota updates for every update you must build new rom, or if building is hard for you, install my rom even just to test it and see how /e/ run of your device.