Unsure how to update /e/OS

I recently installed /e/ os on a refurbed Xiaomi Redmi 4x
Now I see a note, that there is an update available and could be installed.
When I click onto “install” it says, the it will be rebooted in recovery-mode. And that this only works well when there is a compatible recovery-system.
I am totally lost. Can somebody help?
a) What is a recovery-system?
b) Where can I find it?
c) How do I built a recovery system if I have none?
d) What are the general prerequisites to update? TWRP? If so: What settings does TWRP need? Root mode? Flash to boot?
Any help highly appreciated…

The recovery is what is installed in the recovery partition. In your case, it’s probably TWRP.

You have probably already installed it.

You have one :yum:

None, just update :slight_smile:

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You can start with update. I think you have installed eOS with TWRP and TWRP is a compatible recovery.
If the OTA (update) no campatible recovery found, the device will automatically boot normal without updating

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Thanks to you both, I felt save simply doing it. It worked fine. Thanks.


Hi @harvey186,

I just installed my first eOS in old Mi Redmi Note 4 using TWRP. After installation an update is downloaded. When I am clicking on “install”, it is simply rebooting without updating. How can I manually install the update? Is there already explained community support document regarding this? Thanks in advance.


There are 2 ways to make an update if OTA is not working:

  1. Download the version manually, push it on your device internal storage und flash it via TWRP install menu.
  2. You device does have an folder ‘lineageOS_updates’ In that folder the downloaded OTA zip is saved. flash it with TWRP install menu.

But … why is the OTA not working ?
Is you device encrypted?
Is it a wrong update ?
Are the installed eOS and the update the same version (same letter in the file name) ?

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Thank you for replying. I have successfully updated the using your guide.

I don’t know the exact reason. Since it is my old Redmi Note 4 so I think it must not be of much concern. Soon, I will go for new device. Take care.