[UPDATE] 22-Nov ‘18: 6 new supported devices (enabled by Oreo branch)

Dear /e/ supporters,

I’m very pleased to introduce newly supported devices, based on the Oreo branch (tagged “0.2”).
Today /e/ is adding support for:

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro - “whyred”
  • Xiaomi Mi A1 - “tissot”
  • Xiaomi Mi 6 - “sagit”
  • Xiaomi Pocophone F1 - “beryllium”
  • OnePlus 5T - “dumpling”
  • Google Pixel XL - “marlin”

You can download at:

Please report issues on our GitLab, and feel free to discuss this new release on our Community website at:

Never forget: you data is YOUR data!



very rare list . I was hoping that V2 will be available for most devices which are supported by V1, :frowning:


I think it will be more and more difficult to explain people why using e if linageOS is available with pie. People want use allways the newest available version.


Well /e/ is what?, 1 year old? I’m sure it will catch up to LOS (version + supported devices) one day.

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I think ‘one day’ will be to late. Gael und e.foundation must make money and that will only work with a lot of e users. But when the e user will go back to LOS the whole e project will stop.

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We’re supporting a lot LineageOS and I don’t feel in any manner in
competition with LineageOS because we do not folow the same goals.

LineageOS is the heritage of CyanogenMOD and they have their own vision.
The initial plan is to offer AOSP on many devices, and they are bringing
some nice improvements at the same time. People with technical knowledge
can reach a good level of privacy tweaking LineageOS for their own needs
and that’s cool.

On our hand, /e/ is not a low-level (understand “hardware support”)
project, we’ve a quest for better privacy at the OS level and later at
application level, and our quest is to bring something viable to a large
number of people, including “Mom and Dad”, people who have 0 technical
knowledge and don’t want to spend time customizing their OS.

So we will be very supportive of LineageOS and I hope eventually we can
partner since I think we are complementary projects.



On the availability of Pie on all devices point… I think the number of devices that work with Pie is still very less. For e.g. my MiA1 came out with Nougat and was supposed to be up gradable to Oreo and Pie. The Pie stock ROM is still no where in sight and xiaomi has not given any dates. There are some unofficial Pie builds available but when I tested them (some 3 months back) the battery consumption on them was quite bad.
/e/ oreo builds are now out. As most of you are aware we test the /e/ build’s on a physical device, check if all apps work and only then release. That plus the paucity of maintainers for devices delays coverage of all devices. But you can be assured that the devices users had requested for on the forum will be released in batches as we have seen with Nougat. Users are always welcome to try building for their own devices from the source code as available at https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/wiki/en/wikis/build …change the
“BRANCH_NAME=eelo-0.2” \
-e “DEVICE_LIST=yourdevicename” \
wait for about 3 hours and you should have a working build on your hands :slight_smile:

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Great work, what are the chances of seeing an Oreo build for Hammerhead?

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Can you include some screenshots?

Screenshots of the official /e/ ROM on my MiA1 :slight_smile:


Thanks! It looks the same as the lineage 14.1 I am running on my old phone. Is it stable enough to use?

Running the /e/ oreo build for MiA1 for the last twenty four hours with default apps. So far no issues. Today’s update is being downloaded. Will update and raise bugs in case of any issues. Battery life is good but then i do not really use any additional apps. You should go ahead and flash it. Looks better than Lineage 15.1 official to me given that it has MicroG built in.

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Thanks for the update and all the good work.
Can anyone tell how much local storage is needed to do the build suggested by Manoj here? So far my srv folder is 50GB and growing.

@Brado check out the screenshot of the build folder on my system and this is only with eelo-0.2 branch!
It is the /e folder selected on top…163.0 GB add the 40 7 GB Cache and you are looking at upto 200 GB of space for the build folders. the download itself will be +100 GB.
My PC specs are Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS with a i5 processor a 1 TB HDD and 16 GB of RAM and even then a build takes about 2-3 hours.


Great information on the build PC resources @Manoj, thank you. It will be a week or so before I have access to the network bandwidth needed.

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I am glad that you have non-tech people in mind for the future. Besides not being tecnical, there are also people who work hard and are coming home tired and they don’t want to fiddle with tech. I also think of young parents who are very busy. What I noticed so far is that in the tech world people are chatting in so called ‘communities’ but in fact they are working on their own with tech. In my city is a chain of hardware repair shops for digital devices. But if you want to have a bootloader unlocked and an OS flashed on it, where can you go?

Sounds like you have a wide open business opportunity :smile:

I have a question: does this rom follow the same principles and requirements of lineage or do you just have lineage as a basis? because in the Moto G2 titan, we have the lineage 15.1 (oreo) and 16.0 (Pie) in unofficial versions running perfectly, because Renan Queiroz keeps the device tree updated, thus being ROM / e / for titan will it remain in 7.1.2 in lineage standards or will it follow relatively independently?

@OAG1980 as you may be aware /e/ started as a fork from Lineage. At present the devices have individual maintainers - developers who build using /e/ source code. All current builds are the officially supported Lineage ROM’s. /e/ has it in its roadmap to support devices not officially on lineage. That may take some time.
You can check if the Lineage device maintainers of your device would be willing to build using /e/ source code which is available on gitlab.