Update Google Play Store Error

I recently downloaded a new app (Honeydue) and received the following error message on the initial startup: “Security Error: Please update the Google Play store”. I press ok to try and bypass it and the app closes.

Since /e/ OS doesn’t use the play store per se, would I need to update the App Lounge? Or is this possibly a problem with micro G?

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app is filtered for me so can’t run adb logcat on it what it bails on. Are you able to do this? will give a hint for a potential microg issues report

A quick check shows it may be microG.

Tried to run app on /e/ as well as a ROM with Play Store. Fails to run on both.
Maybe this is the core reason? (excuse formatting)…

I PlayCore: UID: [10081]  PID: [18390] IntegrityService : requestIntegrityToken(IntegrityTokenRequest{nonce=fd88bafbd453494d915cebc76bc019e8, cloudProjectNumber=null})`
I PlayCore: UID: [10081]  PID: [18390] IntegrityService : Initiate binding to the service.
W ActivityManager: Unable to start service Intent { act=com.google.android.play.core.integrityservice.BIND_INTEGRITY_SERVICE pkg=com.android.vending } U=0: not found
I PlayCore: UID: [10081]  PID: [18390] IntegrityService : Failed to bind to the service.
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microg has a few entries from users, but no discussion there on marvins plan as far as I can see