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I am mostly very pleased with /e/ and their work, especially regarding the FP3 I am using…

But…there have been major bugs, e.g. #1198, which might be fixed after a while, but since I cannot find any information regarding when or in what schedule updates are planned there are 2 major problems:
A) Users cannot use the broken feature, because the fix isnt pushed
B) Users cannot confirm the fix, therefore the dev’s would not know if the fix was an overall success and further work is delayed after the updates are pushed.

I wanted to ask, if there is any means of finding out when updates are due and whether I am alone thinking especially for critical bugs like (of course mostly during these times) broken video chat should be pushed with priority.

I am grateful for the work done here, but if the pretense is to develop an OS for a broader spectrum, these things imho should be addressed.


I feel the same way.

Agree with the ideas expressed by @Pratched. Will see how details of the builds and the fixes coming as part of those builds can be published.

As a first step we have added an update here

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Thanks for the consideration and sum up.

Since I havent gotten an answer on the linked update schedule yet, maybe somebody can tell me whether #1198 is included in the next update or not. The first mention of this was around end of April, the fix was issued 15th of May. It is an important feature and might not even be in the update one month later after the fix was done.

#1198 is closed which means fixed. Let me check when it will be available in the build.

I know it was closed, but it did not show up on the update schedule and I cant stress enough how important this issue is for day to day communication. Did you find out when it is scheduled? Is there some way, where it can be pushed with priority?


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