Update on the testing in progress

We have started the testing of the latest sprint …

  • The build when released will be v0.13
  • This build will be tested and bugs will get fixed for this week and the next.
  • This build also contains the covid-19 framework code. It still has some glitches. The Covid-19 framework app shows up in Apps Store under Categories > System Apps
    • After installing this app, user has to install their country specific tracing app.
    • The tracing app when opened will show two popups.
    • First popup requests user permission for Bluetooth to be activated and
    • Second pop up requests user permission for tracing framework to be enabled.
  • After the apps gets these two approvals it starts working on the user device.

  • Expect the testing to continue into next week. We should release the build end of next week earliest.
  • After a couple of weeks of dev release we will release the build to the stable channel.

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Awesome! 20Chars20Chars!

Does this mean the exposure notification functionality can’t work on /e/OS 0.12? You need at least 0.13?

Awesome news otherwise though, thanks for the update.

The exposure framework comes as part of the update in the Apps Store of v0.13. That makes it available only on v0.13. Most probably it will not work on the 0.12


If it’s any help, I have tried this functionality in the unofficial build for Xperia XZ1 Compact lilac that I made yesterday, and it seems to be working fine. Thanks!


Just a quick feedback: I’ve installed 0.13-test on my FP3, installed the microG with EN from Apps plus the German CoronaWarn with Aurora and that is working.
One thing, though: when I now open Apps and go to the “System apps” category, Apps crashes reproducibly.


Thanks for reporting this Ingo. This is an issue which has been reported. Dev team is working on the fix.


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I just wonder about updates since August. My current version is 0.11 from 31 August on my FP3. Still says no new updates found. Was 0.12 just skipped?

So you’re on the stable release channel …