Update OnePlus One to R?

A friend gave me his OnePlus One to change to /e/ os, because I know, that it is supported, but still on Nougat,
so I wanted to ask, if it would be possible to update it to R - Linage is on R with the OnePlus One - I thought it is already on Q - Oneplus One migration from Linageos 17


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With the introduction of /e/OS v1.0 the official builds in Q failed as the /e/ filesystem is too big.

I have experimented with a Custom build at Android 10, Q and it can be found here

I have been running it for about 3 months and it seems quite stable for my purposes. Please test it !

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I as remember, it is a /system partion size too small
/e/OS embeded more default apps than lineageOS…

thx a lot for your quick answer - sounds good - I will try both /e/ and Linage - a pdf viewer is the only thing, which is important - but is it possible to open pdfs with the browser? I did not try this until now???

As I understand, the /e/ pdf viewer is / was forked from the now archived https://github.com/JavaCafe01/PdfViewer; if I were to test a new viewer I might try Android Apps / MJ PDF Reader · GitLab

Maybe the repartitioner from the Nexus 7 could be adopted?

I had considered this might be the way forward but the build itself has the “regular” filesystem size included within the build; this means some advanced adjustments at build stage.

At this moment I cannot see myself learning to do this with the aim of having Advanced Privacy installed.

@aibd thx for your costum build - installation with twrp worked like a charm… it was the easiest device I flashed with /e/
so fare everything works fine - I dont need the rest of the apps. Maybe it would be a good idea to make a minimal build for all devices - as in linux…

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