Oneplus One migration from Linageos 17


Sorry if this is not the right place to ask.

I want to test /e/ (btw, very bad name to search online) on my Oneplus One device that has been working with LinageOs 17 for long time pretty fine. On the installation instructions is advised that the migration to older (Linage os → to nougat) versions can break the device. So the questions are:

Why /e/ does not support the same android version for devices than LinageOs does? Is a technical issue or manpower issue?? If /e/ code is based on LinageOs maybe a big part of the process could even be automatized.

In any case: Does any unofficial port of /e/ q for Oneplus One exists around? Is somewhere documented how to make the port?

In general I suppose than porting the same /e/ versions for all the devices (or at least pie and q only) could be more scalable and maintainable in the long path.

Thanks in advance

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As you said, flashing a different version of Android should be done via clean flash. Otherwise the system and apps can start to act strange.

But the good news are that the OnePlus One build will be upgraded to Q in the first week of february.

See this list for reference: 2021: Week wise OS upgrade and new Device release plan


Ohh those are very very good news!.. I will wait for that to flash.

Thanks for your reply